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Thread: How to delete email address in "auto-complete" list

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    How to delete email address in "auto-complete" list

    As my title suggests, I want to delete the email addresses that get stored automatically in the senders list and they appear when we type in email address while sending a new mail. Yeah, am talking about the auto complete feature. Whenever I send new email and type 2 to 3 alphabet, it takes any email address starting from these alphabet in the TO section which were used by me earlier. I want to delete these email address permanently from my mail account. Please help.

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    Re: How to delete email address in "auto-complete" list

    Basically Windows Mail store last used 39 email address in the Auto complete list. Though it is bit useful feature but for those who need to deal with 400 to 500 emails daily. If you are a normal user like who gets about 20 emails a day, then obviously it is a pain.

    Anyway, there is a tool made specially to delete such email address form the list. You can download it from here. Just run the same and you will get all your stored email address in the Auto complete list. You can delete one by one or complete list.

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    Re: How to delete email address in "auto-complete" list

    Thanks a lot for that tool buddy. Thatís exactly what I was looking for. Its very simple, easy to use and usefull. Now I donít have any problem left with Windows mail.

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