"Jimena" <clio_sport07@yahoo.fr> wrote in message
> Hi Robert,
> Do you something about this code error???
>> MSG: The "msi.dll" module was loaded, but it produced an error in the call to DllRegisterServer (code error: 0x80040201)

> Please help me!!!

I thought you would be returning with an extract from your DependencyWalker Profiler log...

I already gave you a guess for what that code "means": EVENT_E_ALL_SUBSCRIBERS_FAILED

That doesn't mean anything specific to me which I why I would be trying to find
the context in which it was issued. Since there is no "log" produced by regsvr32.exe
to supplement its error codes, doing things such as using the DependencyWalker
Profiler command are the only ways I know of to do that. Running ProcMon is another
but I think that for this case using DependencyWalker will be easier and produce a more
complete diagnostic.