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Thread: SP3 boot failure

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    MisterURL Guest

    SP3 boot failure

    I am getting a BSOD failure at boot time after installing XP SP3. I have
    tried it several times. I have followed the "troubleshooting sp3 failure"
    document (starting BITS, renaming the download folder to download.old, etc.)
    with no change. My OS is Windows XP MCE2005.

    My biggest problem is I can't tell what the failure is - the screen flashes
    the error message for about 25 milliseconds and then goes blank and reboots.
    I have tried to pause and catch it with no success. There must be a log where
    can I find what the failure is?


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    PA Bear [MS MVP] Guest

    Re: SP3 boot failure

    Continual reboots or can only boot into Safe Mode after installing WinXP


    1. Boot into Safe Mode and rename INTELPMM.SYS to INTELPMM.OLD.

    2. After booting into Safe Mode:

    Start | Run | (copy/paste) sc config intelppm start= disabled | OK | Reboot
    into normal (Windows) mode.

    Other references include:

    € You receive a €œStop 0x0000007E€ error message after you upgrade to Windows
    XP Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 on a non-Intel-processor-based computer
    (Revised 06 May-08)

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    MisterURL Guest

    Re: SP3 boot failure

    Thanks for the response, both of you. It is a single boot failure, that is,
    it takes me to the boot menu where I can boot into SAFE mode OK. I will
    change the "auto restart on failure" and run it again. I believe if I can see
    what the error is, I can find help here to settle it. I DO have an AMD CPU,
    so that might be the problem, although I have run hundreds of MS updates
    before and have never had this happen.

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    Dec 2009

    Re: SP3 boot failure

    I know it's more than a year later, but I am experiencing the same issue. See the full description here.

    Were you ever able to get this resolved in a clean fashion?

    Thank you!

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    Shenan Stanley Guest

    Re: SP3 boot failure

    That looks like the HP/AMD fiasco. You are really asking in the wrong place
    if so. Although - you will get pointed to the correct place - if it is so.

    You should have followed the instructions from HP in order to prevent the
    issue from occuring...

    Prevent it by applying the patch:

    Already have the problem, follow the instructions:

    You may need to perform a repair installation. You will need an updated
    Windows XP CD. I suggest contacting HP.

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