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Windows Update

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Old 11-04-2008
Posts: n/a
Mouse And Keyboard Not Working After April Updates.

First, I appreciate what you are doing here. Second, my keyboard and mouse
don't work when I start my computer. This is what I know:

a. Everything worked and I have all my drivers up to date.
b. I tried with both; a combo bluetooh set and an USB conected one.
c. it keeps asking me for a driver for an "unknown device"
d. if i boot the sysem in "safe mode". The bluetooh combo; mouse and
keyboard work just fine (in fact that's how I'm typing right now), even
thought it keeps asking me for the "unknown device" driver".
e. I tried unistalling the update KB938371 after I unistalled the other ones
in safe mode. The computer or windows doesn't let me do that. Because is
the only one I cannot unistalled and the problems repeats itself I am almost
sure that's the problem or very related to that.
Please, help.

Sytem: DELL XPS with Vista Home premium (not SP 1)

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Old 11-04-2008
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Although SP1 not installed yet, you may find this article of interest -
A device driver is not installed, or a hardware device does not function correctly after
you install Windows Vista Service Pack 1
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Old 11-04-2008
Posts: n/a
I have the exact problem. After the recent Microsoft Updates, 3 stages, my
mouse and keyboard are not recognized. I did system restore back to 4/6 and
then back to 4/2 and the problem does not go away. I have a Dell desktop
(less than 1 year old) with Vista Home Premium. I spent several hours on the
phone with Dell support, and they couldn't figure it out either, and I am
waiting for a call-back. The mouse/keyboard work when I boot from the DVD,
but now I can't even use them in safe mode.

Thanks for the article. I hope to be able to install SP1 in the future. DO
you have any suggestions for my situation? With neither a mouse nor a
keyboard operating, there appears to be no way to update the drivers or to
"uninstall/reinstall" them.
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Old 11-04-2008
Posts: n/a
I am having the same exact problem - but it was post SP1. I had SP1
installed via TechNet for about a week before this update (KB938371)
came out - and things were working fine.. (Yes, I was allowed to
install it - I don't know where this talk of KB938371 being a
prerequisite for SP1 comes from, although I do read things about
(another version?) of KB938371 being released sometime in feb?)

Regardless, after the install, my mouse and keyboard are dead,
internal touchpad and keyboard on my laptop show as "unknown device",
whereas my external mouse shows as "USB HID Device" and is

The external mouse dies after the update is installed, and the
keyboard and internal touchpad die after the subsequent reboot when
the drivers are hosed.

I cannot change drivers to generic ones, and when I try to install
drivers for what is available (sorry MS guys, I do not have a
"keyboard driver", sheesh!) I get messages such as "access denied" or
"the file cannot be found" or "this driver was designed for windows 95
or later."

This is a very bad one - especially since many people aren't even able
to mention this online, since they can't get into their computers. I
submitted a support request to MS, so we shall see. However, I sense
a form letter with "please contact the manufacturer of your computer"
in my future.

Unfortunately it won't.. They told me simply to call in to support;
their "current fix" was to reinstall and not install KB938371.

MS are looking into the problem.

Since you have KB938371 could you please forward the following files to Eric -

? Setupapi.log

You might have to boot from the DVD to get into the computer. It may work.

Well, I do not have KB938371 installed anymore, since I had to restore
from a backup in order to use my machine at all.. I have work to do
this weekend, and that includes catching a flight early tomorrow
morning, so I'm not about to kill my machine again right now in order
to troubleshoot tonight, unless this is something that's already on my
machine. Maybe I can try that again Sunday, but I can't promise it.

Are you asking for the setupapi.log AFTER KB938371 was installed? Even
if I were to reapply the patch, that would be difficult, as I can't
even log in after that update is installed..

Booting from the DVD gets me recovery options, but I don't have a
floppy in my computer so I can't exactly copy off those files with
recovery console or something. Any other ideas?

I imagine I could reapply the patch, copy the files to another
partition, then restore from backup again.. Honestly, I don't have the
time to do that tonight. I'm on a tough work schedule and this thing
has cost me enough time. I appreciate this TaurArian and Eric, but
unfortuantely I just don't have the time to get those files now..
(Sorry everyone else - can anyone else get the logs after installing
the patch?)

Are you saying that microsoft can't re-create this in-house, or the
fix may not be universal, to the point where users have to send in
individual setupapi.log files?

I contacted Eric, to see if there was anything else I could do in the
meantime or if he had any updates...

An idea I did have.. I could RDP into my machine from another in order
to grab those files... Unfortunately I won't be able to try that until
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Old 14-04-2008
Posts: n/a
I have the same problem. After installing the Update for Windows Vista
KB938371, which is 2/3rds installed before the computer shuts down then boots
and installs the last 3rd, my Logitech G5 Laser mouse won't work so I have to
use the Microsoft key and go to System Restore to use my computer.

Also, I have Bitdefender antivirus so I don't use Windows Defender. But
Windows Update keeps askng me to imstall the latest Defender virus
definitions though I've tried to install them several times. I think it may
be related that when I boot my computer, I gat a menu that says "Application
failed to initialize 0x800106ba" (?).

For your Windows Defender problem:

Error message when you run Windows Defender: "Error Code 0x800106ba"
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Old 14-04-2008
Posts: n/a


I was extremelly frustrated with the whole thing and the lack of solution
from both DELL and Microsoft so I went ahead and "play around". If you have
a DELL computer this is what I did. Its kind of extreme, but it worked for

a. I backed up all my data; documents, etc. into a flashdrive. I used a USB
mouse instead (make sure is want you don't need a driver for -- I know
finding one is a pain in the neck). The good part is that you can do the
rest of this without a keyboard.

b. When you are booting your computer press F8 and follow instruction to get
the system to be restored to the way it was when left the factory. If your
computer has a manual it will guide you step by step. I have an DELL XPS 420
and I have been told most computers from DELL have this 2006. Please, check
with your manufacter.

c. It took a little bit but it does restore the computer to how it when I
received the system.

d. I set it up so it wouldn't update critical updates.

e. I downloaded all the new drivers (If I didn't have the latest) from DELL.
Focus specially in the ones related to your keyboard/mouse and memory cards
(and bluetooh hardware if you have it). I first checked with the "Device
Manager feature" to see what I really got in my computer. Also, you should
have a blue CD with the original drivers so you can compare. What you have
in that CD with a check mark should be the same you have at that moment in
the computer. Also, one of the files was a firmware (in my case) for the
bluetooth/19-1 card reader. Notice: if you have an antivirus I highly
recommend to stop it before installing the drivers.

f. I did a clean disk and I defragmented the disk(s).

i. I turned on the antivirus.

h. I turned on the Windows Updates with both Critical and optional updates
and with the option to install them automatically, but install them when I

i. I re-booted my system.

j. I let all the updates I choose to install (41 of them!), including the
April ones.

K. Once it told me that there were ready to be installed I turned off my
antivirus and I installed them.

L. Once it rebooted everything worked.

Now, I have to say that I still don't understand what trigger the issue or
if it will be a mess when I install SP1 when it is available through the
Windows Update, but so far I have had not problems. I still believe is a
Windows Vista issue, not DELLS because I notice I have changes made into my
registry at levels I didn't expect it. I don't have any extra-software
except the Pen-icillin as antivirus. Anyway, if this helps anybody it will
be great. I was so frustrated I couldn't wait any longer. Good luck to
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Old 18-04-2008
Posts: n/a

I am a developer at Microsoft looking into this problem. We have been
trying to reproduce this issue but no luck for days. However, from examining
logs, we believe this is happenning because your system lost MSMOUSE.INF
and/or KEYBOARD.INF from \windows\inf folder.

Can any of you check your system and see if you indeed do not see these INF
files in your \Windows\INF folder?

To fix this issue, you can copy MSMOUSE.INF and/or KEYBOARD.INF from


to \Windows\INF folder and let PnP takes care of driver install (you may
need to do "update driver").

Please let me know if this is what you see?
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Old 18-04-2008
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Ireland
Posts: 1
I also lost mouse control after installing KB938371., however my keyboard remained active. I have a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse.

I fiddled around for some time trying to find the mouse driver etc but the mouse file had completely disappeared from system management.

In the end I perfomed a System Restore back to a time before the update was installed. That brought the mouse back to the system. I will now refrain from again installing KB938371.

My system is a Dell Dimension 5150 running Vista Home Premium.

Since my last reply I experimentally installed KB938371 again and this time it did not interfere with the mouse or keyboard. I wonder why?

My system is fully functional.
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Old 19-04-2008
Posts: n/a
My mouse and keyboard were missing from the windows inf so I did as you said
and copied them into the INF folder. I then updated the drivers. Problem is
the mouse froze. I had to do a system restore in safe mode to get it back. I
still can't get this update KB938371 my mouse completely disappears when I try
to install it. My keyboard is ok though.

I was looking at the installed updates on my computer and I see that update
KB938371 was installed on Feb 13 2008. Do I even need the April update of
KB938371 or is this a patch for the Feb update?

I'm having this same problem with my touchpad and mouse. I can not get into
my computer to check my system to see if these files are missing. What
should I do?

I can't even get into my laptop. I'm communicating to you through my work
computer. My keyboard, touchpad and mouse are all not working. When I
bootup it takes me straight to the restore screen. The arrow keys are not
working because the keyboard is not working. I'm so frustrated because it
hasn't been working for a month now. Can you please tell what I can do .
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Old 21-04-2008
Posts: n/a
Yes, April release has some additional updates over Feb release so you will
need it. However, if you copy msmouse.inf and keyboard.inf to \windows\inf
folder, you should not lose mouse/keyboard.

If you copy msmouse.inf from
to \windows\inf folder, you should be Ok after installing KB938371. Your
system may have some additional mouse driver (like Logitech driver) that you
may need to re-install.

It still didn't work. My mouse still disapears after i restart after I
download the update.
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Old 30-04-2008
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 1
Try this out...

IF YOU HAVE A SYSTEM RESTORE POINT USE IT, and then turn off automatic updates.

After a specific update which is PRE Service Pack 1. It will cause you to lose your mouse and or keyboard. This issue is more exclusive to wireless devices, and alot harder to fix "in" wireless devices. Now I know someones thinking, "but this happened AFTER SP1". Well I say to you the update that cause it is a pre-req for SP1 and is included in the Stand Alone version. Thus if you downloaded SP1 you wouldn't have had the issue untill.... get this... after the install of SP1.

The following outlines a solution. However, it isn't 100% for all your devices. I've seen it work on all wired USB mice, but some wireless devices remail unfixed.

First be ready for alot of trial and error, because we're going to attempt to restore the inf which your mouse is looking for. Thus we will be using a backup file. Now if you're the person who has used a billion mice on his machine... well this is going to suck for you. But, on the contrast if you're the person who's only ever used one mouse it's your lucky day.

1) Navigate to C:\WINDOWS\INF
3) If you don't have them don't worry, if you do copy them to your desktop for safe keeping.

Next we need to locate a backup for this file. There are a few locations you can try see from the list below:


You can do an advanced search in these locations for the peciously mentioned files (or) you can search via the command prompt. If you're using the command prompt navigate to the specific directory and type:


You will need to find one of each that have matching dates. Your best bet would be the FILEREPOSITORY, but as mentioned before it's trial and error. Also, please select a file date that is BEFORE you started having the issue. I know everyone "should" have common sense, but you can't count on it.

Once you've found the files you want to use copy them to your C:\WINDOWS\INF directory. Then lets navigate to the Device Manager... if you don't know where its at type "device manager" in the Start Search Bar.

Once there we need to locate any "ghosted" entries and uninstall them. To do this you need to goto VIEW > SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES. If you have any transparent listings for mice or HID uninstall them and move on.

Now reconnect your failed device, and see if the system recognizes it. If it does it should install the driver etc... and hopefully you're good to go. If not it's back to finding a INF that will work for you. It will take several attempts, but you'll get it.

Also, if the device driver installs correctly and still doesn't work. Check the device manager and ensure the device is enabled. I've seen this happen so you simply have to check that it is... in essence.. turned on. Another note if you have a way to remote into your machine it makes this whole process alot faster, because you have a mouse! Anyways hopefully this helps. Also, should you contact MS support please do not refernce this post.

* One more thing. * Should you have NO mouse or keyboard this all can be done from the WINRE. It is a pain, but it is possible. Simply boot off your disc and once in the setup enviornment press Shift+F10 for a command prompt. You can go through all these steps in the command prompt to restore your two devices. If your keyboard is failed you will need to look for one additonal file which is MSKEYBOARD.INF.

Last edited by Soul Raven : 30-04-2008 at 06:33 PM.
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Old 15-05-2008
Craig Baker
Posts: n/a

Glad to hear Microsoft is looking into the problem. <micrsoft rant/>

Look this issue has cropped up on my HP nc8430 laptop this week April 10. I
have no keyboard or touchpad functionality. I'm unable to go back to a
previous restore point, as the rollbacked failed with an error. The only
reason I can login to my laptop is via the fingerprint scanner.

I've tried all the windows/inf suggestions without any luck.

This is one of the most troubling issues I've come across in some time. I
really think it is the end of the road for me and Windows, I can't handle the
pain anymore. Honestly DOS 5.0 would be better than this mess.

Can microsoft please provide an update on this issue, it have been over a
month since an offical response on this topic.
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Old 22-06-2008
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 1
I have an Acer TM5515 laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 and since a few months I have problems with my touchpad. The cursor is behaving irrational and I can not use the advanced features of the touchpad anymore (I get the announcement: “can’t connect to the driver of the Synaptics pointing device”).
I tried a bios update and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the newest drivers, but nothing solved the problem. I cannot reinstall the driver. After trying to install the synapticsdriver I get the announcement that the installation of the Synaptics (HidUsb) HDClass was successful, but the installation of Synaptics (SynTP) Mouse was not successful.
This week I had to install a new Acer Travelmate laptop (5320) and by installing the Windows Updates one-by-one I finally found out the problem is KB938371. After installing this update on the new laptop, the same problem occurred. Back to the restore point from before installing this update, and the touchpad worked fine again. So on this laptop I did not install KB938371.
Although I did not miss msmouse.inf and keyboard.inf, I tried on the other laptop (on which KB938371 was installed months ago) Dasukes solution combined with uninstalling and reinstalling the synaptics drivers, but that didn’t help.

Has anybody an idea about what I can try to solve this probem? Is Microsoft working on a solution? Is there a way to delete KB938371, without having to go back to an image from months ago?

Last edited by angbram : 22-06-2008 at 02:34 PM.
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Old 21-07-2009
Posts: n/a

Here's what Worked for me. I rebooted and held down F8 to access the
safe mode options. I choose the option Disable Driver Signature
Enforcement. This worked for me so I started checking my mouse and
keyboard drivers, they were all signed, I found however that my USB
ports drivers were not signed, they were some how updated to Windows
Vista SP2 Beta drivers that are not signed.

For now I'll run with out driver signature enforcement, unsure if this
was enabled before or if it was enabled by a patch
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Old 27-03-2010
Posts: n/a

My husband and I have been experiencing problems with our keyboards
freezing up within a few days of each other. Both Keyboards are the same
"Microsoft Wireless Multi Media 1.0A" , they came together with our CTL
Computers. For about a week we checked the status of the Keyboard which said
it had a strong connection with the computer, we changed all of the
batteries, went onto the internet to get advice but nothing helped.
This morning, I took the Wireless Keyboard and put it next to the
Transmitter or Reciever and pushed the reset button as I pushed the reset
button on the bottom of the Keyboard and a quick note came up and said that
the "F lock" was unlocked, I have no idea what it meant but the Keyboard
works now. I did the same thing to our other "Wireless Keyboard" and it now
works also!
On the bottom of the "Transmitter/Receiver there is a picture of the reset
buttons being pushed at the same time for the Keyboard & Mouse. Maybe somehow
they lost their signals.
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