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Thread: Code 800f082f

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    Marc Guest

    Code 800f082f

    I tried to install SP1. It failed, Code 800f082f.
    What an I do.
    Language of SP ist german.

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest

    Re: Code 800f082f

    Search for any files which the update changed which contain that code (and perhaps for 2095 too.)
    E.g. limit your search to files which changed on the *day* the update was done, then sort the results
    by Date Modified. Then scroll to the time that the update was done. Drag any likely looking files
    to an open Notepad window for inspection and manual finding (e.g. F3 or Ctrl-F), e.g. to see the context
    of the error code in any diagnostic files the update created.

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    Matt Davies Guest
    Just had this error with SP1. I had being doing a bulk update and SP1 was
    finally offered only to fail with this error.

    Restarting and then re-applying the update worked for me. My suspicion is
    that this is the "another installation is in progress" error caused when an
    app needs to reboot before it completes.

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    KosmoLeo Guest

    Re: Code 800f082f

    Hey, don't know if anyone is having this error still, but I had it and
    a Google search led me to this Microsoft support page. It would seem you
    can sometimes get this error with Vista SP1 or 2 or other Microsoft
    products if you try to install them at the same time as or just after
    (without rebooting) other updates. Here's the info I found and a link to
    the page, hope this helps some people in here:

    Known Issue
    If you install this update through Windows Update, you may receive
    error 800F082F.

    This update cannot be installed with other updates. Therefore, if you
    previously installed other updates without a restart, and then you try
    to install this update, you may receive error 800F082F. To resolve this
    issue, restart your computer, and then install this update again.

    'Description of the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 installation
    software feature update released April 28, 2009'

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    cold-turkei Guest
    hi folks: I solved the problem this error code refers to on two PCs I was
    prepping by opening Office 2007 Preinstall, trial keying them and registering
    them. Enabled WinUpdate to pump Office updates. Then SP2 went over fine (and
    I was back on with loads more WinUpdating again)!
    I have had similar problems trying to multi-update thru IE8 - it doesn't
    work without opening the app and clicking thru the first-time prep wizzard.
    Hope this helps

    New Technology Technology / Windows Update Update / Office Preinstall
    Reinstall :-)

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