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Thread: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

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    TUNKYTOY Guest

    Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    Microsoft admits installing KB937287 with other windows updates will not
    work, and as pulled the patch. Therefore you have to install KB937287
    seperately and preferably as a standalone then KB938371 and other
    patches should install OK. The problem caused many machines to
    multi-boot with unsuccesful installs, and in some cases failed to system
    The standalone patchs can be found at:
    'Download details: Update for Windows Vista (KB937287)'

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    Diana Guest
    Yes, Microsoft has admitted that 937287 could cause problems for some users.

    Here is the location to download 937287

    A KB article is also being drafted and it will be sent out shortly.

    From what I understand/remember, 937287 comes after 938371 is installed and you've

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    Grzyb [1000174] Guest

    Re: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems


    KB937287 Installed Fine For me, KB93871 Did Not,

    Can't Install it even as a Standalone, & No Restore points to go back to, as
    they have been overwritten, What Now??

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    TUNKYTOY Guest

    Re: Update For Windows Vista For X64-based Systems, Update for Windows (KB938371) Can't Install

    To GRZYB

    If you can't get System restore to show an earlier point try going into
    Safe Mode to System Restore and see if there shows an earlier point

    ..To do this, boot up the machine, press F8 during startup to get a menu
    of choices, and select the Safe Mode option. If you can't open the
    System restore applet from the Start menu once Windows has started in
    Safe Mode, click Start, Run, enter rstrui.exe and click OK. This
    launches System Restore, and you can then see if can choose a date
    before the constant rebooting problems started If it works out reinstall
    the two updates separately

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    TaurArian Guest

    RE: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    Here's the KB article -

    Updates do not install successfully and your computer is continually
    restarting when you try to install updates from Windows Update on a Windows
    Vista computer.

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    kingull Guest

    RE: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    The latest Microsoft trick is to disable yourv screensaver and replace it
    with screens saying how great Vista is. Looks like Linux will be my operating
    system very soon.

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    ...winston Guest

    Re: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    Iirc, the deployment sequence on this machine for the three updates provided through Windows Updates was:

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    pert Guest

    Re: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    Thanks for the tip. KB937287 installed successfully on my system but
    KB938371 has failed to install multiple times. How do I uninstall
    KB937287? It says in the Microsoft info about KB938727 that it cannot be

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    TUNKYTOY Guest

    Re: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    To Pert

    The post you are replying to was a follow up from my earlier post on
    installing KB937287 and KB938371. The original post was as follows:

    KB938371 installation
    Having failed 3 times to install KB938371 I succesfully did the
    Go to Download details: 'Download details: Update for Windows Vista
    (KB937287)' (
    Update for Windows Vista (KB938371)
    Download standalones KB937287-x86.msu and KB938371-x86.msu
    Disable UAC, Anti-virus, Windows firewall and disconnect from internet
    Install KB937287 (no reboot required) then KB938371 reboot and it
    succesfully installs without multi bootups.

    If you have installed KB937287 OK then follow the above disables
    instructions before installing KB938371 standalone and rebooting.

    Your post is misleading with the quote that KB938727 cannot be
    uninstalled. Where does this update come in to play unless it is a

    If you go to the uninstall update page on your machine you should see
    the list of updates that can be uninstalled and on my machine both
    KB937287 and KB938371 are in the list.
    Most replies I have had the above has worked OK.

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    pert Guest

    Re: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    Sorry, it was a typo! The update that can not be uninstalled, accordin
    to the Microsoft article about it, is KB937287. It does appear in th
    list of installed updates but I don't get the uninstall icon when
    select it. This corresponds well with the info from Microsoft but i
    doesn't exactly help me follow your procedure

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    TUNKYTOY Guest

    Re: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    To Pert

    So it was a typo OK.
    The KB937287 just helps windows update to perform better so why would
    you want to uninstall it anyway? I assume you obviously want the
    KB938371 installation needed the upcoming SP release in March. Did you
    try installing this KB938371 standalone after disabling the windows
    firewall, ani-virus programs and being OFFLINE? If you didn't use the
    standalone windows tries to install the original download. Some people
    go to the c:\Windows\software distribution and delete the Datastore
    folder where copies are kept and disable windows update in Services
    which sometimes work sometimes not.

    Hope you can resolve your problem.

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    NO, that's incorrect. The DataStore folder does NOT hold updates, it
    holds DATA concerning the updates and transaction logs for said updates.

    The updates are stored in

    Pert ... go to the MS Download center, download KB938371 and SAVE it -

    Update for Windows Vista (KB938371) [32 Bit]

    Update for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems (KB938371)

    Close the browser and any other open programs after the download completes.
    Now install KB938371 and restart the system if requested to.

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    pert Guest

    Re: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    I understood from your previous message that there was a bug in KB937287
    and that I was supposed to uninstall it and install a stand-alone
    version of it instead in order to be able to install KB938371. Maybe I

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    TUNKYTOY Guest

    Re: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    The problem with KB937287 I understand was not a bug but the fact of
    causing problems when installing with a group of updates instead of a
    individual install. I picked this up from the following article after
    multiple update failures and reboots;

    In what is hopefully not a harbinger of bad tidings for Vista SP1
    itself, Microsoft product manager Nick White announced in the Windows
    Vista blog on Feb. 19 that patch 937287 was being pulled from
    distribution due to the issues it was causing on some machines.

    You can prevent the reboot problem from occurring by installing patch
    937287 separately, not at the same time as any other updates. Several
    people have been able to fix affected machines by rolling Windows back
    to an earlier restore point, and then installing 937287 manually. This
    procedure has been described in Joaquim Anguas's blog.

    To obtain 937287 and install it separately, you should visit
    Microsoft's official Download Center to get the 32-bit version or the
    64-bit version.
    End Quote

    As you see it just needs to be installed alone first then KB938371
    standalone should install OK.. As you can't uninstall your 937287 you
    could follow the above system restore procedure and install both
    manually. And as a safety factor disable Firewall, Anti-virus, browser
    and Offline when installing.

    I also made an error in my previous message when I said that some
    people had deleted C:\Windows\Software Distribution\datastore it should
    read C:\Windows\Software Distribution\download. Doing this looses your
    download list of previous updates.

    Hope the above helps you out of your predicament.

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: Microsoft admits KB937287 & KB938371 problems

    No, KB937287 was not installing properly and causing continual
    rebooting. That was not a bug or the issue would have occurred on many
    more systems than it has so far.

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