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Error details: Code 80072EFE

Windows Update

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Old 17-11-2007
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Error details: Code 80072EFE

Security Update for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2 (KB936181)
This file has failed to install through automatic updates. I have tried
twice to update it manually.
Both attempts failed.I have Vista Premium
Error details: Code 80072EFE

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Old 17-11-2007
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Re: Error details: Code 80072EFE

I am also having the same problem i tried to do the update and i get an error
code for 800700B. I then downloaded the files to install manually and the
install fails.
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Old 18-11-2007
MowGreen [MVP]
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Some network problem or the server/proxy reset the socket connection

A manual installation should not have either of the above issues.
To be clear, you manually downloaded the update and it failed to install
or you tried to manually install the update that was downloaded by
Automatic Updates [Windows Updates, in Vista] ?

Are there any other updates listed for XML 4.0 SP2 in Add/Remove
Programs in the Control Panel ?

Is the native Vista firewall being used or is there a 3rd party firewall
installed ?

See if this helps, Darren:

Windows Update error 8007000b
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Old 18-12-2007
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Re: Error details: Code 80072EFE

This worked on the two Vista machines that we have.

1) Create a folder on C:\ drive called 'WUAGENT'. Use this directory to
store the Windows Update Agent file (see next step).

2) Go to the link below, and download 'WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe' to the
C:\WUAGENT directory:


3) Open the Command Prompt and forced a re-install of the Windows Update
Agent with the following command:

C:\WUAGENT\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe /wuforce

4) Try to re-install the update
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Old 29-07-2008
Posts: n/a
i have the same problem where error details is code 80072EFE. HOW DO I CORRECT

0x80072EFE - ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_ABORTED - The connection with the server has been

You may encounter temporary connection-related errors when you use Windows Update or
Microsoft Update to install updates

I am also having a similar problem. I sometimes leave microsoft running for
well over an hour and get the same code where no update whatsoever is listed.
I recently installed service pack 1 expecting the problem would be fixed yet
i still get the error.

I have tried with this solution, but it didn't work because my
command prompt doesn't allow to introduce some of the symbols that you
suggest, like "\". I can't download the actualizations. And it appears the
errors 8024401B or 800700B, alternatively. Sorry, but Spanish is mi native
language. Please help me to solve this problem.

I get the same error also so i go to microsoft.com to download vista service
pack 2 and i cant even download from the website infact i cant download
anything from the website, it just says "internet explorer cannot display
this webpage" so then i do "diagnose the problem" and it says "windows did
not find any problems"
I need to get the service pack for Grand Theft Auto 4 to work

I have Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate x64
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Old 29-06-2009
Posts: n/a
Error message when you use the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web site
to install updates: "0x8007000B"

Windows Error Code 8024401b

MS notes -
That error (8024401B) is Http status 407 - proxy authentication required.
The windows update agent runs under the context of the local system account,
so even if you have been given rights to access resources on the internet,
it may fail.

Your proxy admin should change the configuration to not require
authentication for the following:

I don't have any further ideas on this one.
Have you tried MS Support

Start a Windows Update support incident request

Support for Windows Update:

For more information about how to contact your local Microsoft subsidiary
for security update support issues, visit the International Support Web

0x80072EFE - ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_ABORTED - The connection with the
server has been terminated.

You may encounter temporary connection-related errors when you use Windows
Update or Microsoft Update to install updates

Also see: How do I reset Windows Update components?
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Old 01-07-2009
Ricardo Leiva
Posts: n/a
thanks a lot for your answer, but it didn't work. I have made
all that you have recommended, but the error 800700 appears again. I am with
the service "Windows installer" working, I work without proxy, I introduced
all your websites in my allowed sites in the configuration of security of
internet, I introduced the order (C:\WUAGENT\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe
/wuforce) in the command promtp, but it tells me that it is not needed
because "the agent of Windows Update is installed"... but the problem
continues. I hope you will find this case very challenging to discover
another solution and to help me to download the updates of Windows that I am
missing. . Probably the problem is the lack of authorization of scripts. I
don't know. Thanks a lot and regards from Pamplona, San Fermines, Hemingway,

When I am trying to update Windows Vista it wont update. When I try to update
Windows Defender it wont update. On both of them I cannot update manually
neither. It's like my computer does not want to talk to nothing at all.

QED: Now did the former get checked & the latter unchecked to begin with?

Further to this suggestion i cannot get to the microsoft download link,again
no doubt for the same reason i cannot download the update ,the connection is
being interrupted.Anyone got any further suggestions
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Old 19-06-2010
Posts: n/a
You should note that for users whom have no "proxy admin, no domain, no
nothing" that maleware,trojans,viruses have exploited this flaw as i am
dealing with this on a clients machine which has been infected with what I
believe to be the conflicker worm. Furthermore it is funny how Home Premium
users do not have policy editor installed to them. But with A few mods of the
registry in the LSA keys all of a sudden Group Policy Modes become enforced
by worms and trojans. Besides spending days to Sift through the registry to
look at policy keys their is no other alternative.

If I am misunderstanding something here please do correct me!

To fix this error open "internet explore/tools/internet
options/connections/LAN settings" make sure "use a proxy server for your lan"
is unchecked and have "automatically detect settings" checked. This worked
for me.

Don't forgot about femaleware and maleware that doesn't wear trojans... <w>
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Old 20-06-2010
Posts: n/a
Re: Error details: Code 80072EFE

Your post is both useless and unprofessional for a MS MVP. I Stated that when
a Vista use contracts a virus/trojan/maleware That the they are exploiting
issues within the OS. I and that said problems are attacking the entire
system. Your useless reply of "Don't forgot about female and maleware that
doesn't wear trojans..." offers no solutions or valid insight into a
problem of malicious software gaining access to the registry to invoke group
policy keys with the little addition of a string to mimic the business class
vista version and invoke group policies of said softwares choosing. What
windows fails to offer is the policy editors to repair this problem. So "I
have this trojan whom I cant get rid of because my POLICY is Said that I must
download Injector.dll from http://a.virus.domain/ every wednesday of the
week. Not only does it force me to download this Injector.dll it also if
forcing me to proxy through a website of their choosing which blocks
Searches, And ALL the sites whom contain any sort of
antivirus/maleware/update solutions" This is the case with a Clients machine
which I have gotten and am working on. No policy Editor to correct the

Lastly if you have no Solution and advice or knowledge in this keep your
spam comments to yourself.
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Old 20-06-2010
Peter Foldes
Posts: n/a
Re: Error details: Code 80072EFE

You got what was coming. Learn how to ask for advice\help. Include all the necessary
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