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Thread: WindowsUpdate_80240016 WindowsUpdate_dt000

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    WindowsUpdate_80240016 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    I've got the same error.i've got 25 updates to install, but not even
    the first one will install.its been now for over 3 weeks that i'm
    trying to install it.and everyday I shut down my domputer until the
    next time i want to start it.I didnt shud down while installing etc, I
    have 23 gig left so its not y memory thats the problem.and i'm using
    the correct username and password to install.

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    RE: WindowsUpdate_80240016 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    got many updates for same item and continues to dislplay the icon in top bar
    stating that I need to instgall this item. KB936181 svc pak 2. How do I get
    rid of this update???

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    Engel Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_80240016 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Hello Mohsen,


    -2145124330 SUS_E_INSTALL_NOT_ALLOWE try to install while
    another install is going on or reboot is pending

    What update are you trying to install and what update did you previously

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    Aurora2000 Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_80240016 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    I too have the same problem, mine seems to be associated with Windows
    Defender KB915597 but I doubt if its just one download thats the cause of
    this. I held off putting SP1 on Vista hoping any bugs might have been ironed
    out. I apear to have been mistaken.

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    Celso Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_80240016 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Iā€™m receiving this error advertence ("WindowsUpdate_80240016"
    "WindowsUpdate_dt000") when I try update my Windows Vista Home Premium SP2,
    the pack with problem is (Pacote de idioma x64 para o Microsoft .NET
    Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (KB951847)).
    My machine is a Notebook HP DV71270ca, new, with HD 199 gb free!
    What can I do to fix that problem?

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