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Thread: TEAM H20 CLED X

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    Mark Guest

    Team H20 Cled X

    Does anyone have a clue what this is?

    It pops up when my pc starts with a box to click to "close programme"

    I then find that my task bar does not work and if I minimise anything I
    cannot click on it to restore. I then have to bring up task manager to close
    the programme I was using.

    Its very annoying!!!

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    Tom [Pepper] Willett Guest
    Usually this error occurs when Syncrosoft-Emu (H2O) is installed twice, to
    bypass the problem make ctr alt delete which willl bring up the taskmanager,
    click aplications on top of the screen and choose new tasks type in
    msconfig and enter. In the msconfig window click the startup botton.
    Disable (unmark) apply and okay.

    Reboot to check that your problem is gone.

    When you start cubase you will have to start true emu manually to startup

    How do u start the "true emu" manually after disacleing cledx after startup?

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    realcestmoi Guest

    Re: TEAM H20 CLED X

    Hi there, (communicating always starts with a greeting)

    Search for the program folder where it is installed and locate the emu.exe
    or somthing like that name" you shouldknow your own installed software;)

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    Re: TEAM H20 CLED X

    Hey there, guys,

    I was about to format my computer to get rid of this bug when I came across this post.

    Here's the trouble:

    I had "Syncrosoft" and "Nuendo" on my computer but those were recently uninstalled. I tried opening the "mgconfig" and disabling the file but it does not appear on the startup list.

    I still get the "H20" error on startup. Any hints on what can I do?

    Appreciate the help :)

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    Re: TEAM H20 CLED X

    You are getting an error at start up because you might have not properly uninstalled the Syncrosoft and Nuendo from your system. If you have tried to uninstall it from the Control Panel, try to remove it from the registries. I am sure that after deleting everything neatly, you will not get any issue. Otherwise you still have the last option. (formatting).

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