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80240016 Install Error

Windows Update

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Old 26-09-2007
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80240016 Install Error

I have the same problem as Rhio (post of 9/25). Update will not install and
shows Error Code 80240016 - computer runs forever but nothing happens.
Reboot doesn't help. Can't figure out what other update is still installing.
Beginning to get really annoying.

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Old 26-09-2007
TaurArian [MS-MVP]
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Operation tried to install while another installation was in progress or the system was
pending a mandatory restart.

What update are you trying to install and what update did you previously install?

Before trying to rename the folder - did you stop the WU service?

How to rename the SoftwareDistribution folder in Vista -
1. Stop the Windows Update service (make sure you are logged on as an Administrator)

Start button || Control Panel ||System and Maintenance ||Administrative Tools
Double-click Services
(Provide the Administrator password or confirmation if prompted to do so.)
Right-click the Windows Update service and click Stop.

2. Click Start, type %windir% in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.

Locate and rename the SoftwareDistribution folder.

3. Start the Windows Update service

Start button || Control Panel ||System and Maintenance ||Administrative Tools
Double-click Services
(Provide the Administrator password or confirmation if prompted to do so.)
Right-click the Windows Update service and click Start.

This procedure will erase your history on the Windows Update Site. Not important.

If it doesn't help, start a free Windows Update support incident request:

Please report back the solution that works for you so that it helps other Vista users.
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Old 28-09-2007
Posts: n/a
Currently trying to install Vista Update KB933928.
Before that, Defender Update KB915597 which had issues so I canceled it.
(same errors and problems as posted in this group.)
Before that, 3 failed attempts at KB929729, Net Framework 1.1. Used the
Download Installer Cleanup and that update shows status as "failed" but at
least it hasn't been trying to install itself over and over again.)

Tried a suggestion found in one of the groups to stop the update service
(services.msc) and renaming the software distribution folder in %systemroot%
- but Vista will not allow me to rename the folder even tho I am an Admin

Have been trying to stop the WU service for days. Each time I try I get:
"Windows could not stop the WU service. Error 1053 - service did not respond
to the start or control request in a timely fashion." Status of WUS then
goes to "stopping". But, never actually changes to "stopped". Left my
laptop on overnight and still doesn't "stop". Rebooting sets the service
back to "Automatic-Delayed".
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Old 29-09-2007
Posts: n/a
Hello everyone. I struggled with this very issue for two months. After
much searching of the Internet, I found my solution to the problem last
night, and I decided that I should spread the word on how I fixed it.


Go to Run... in the Start menu. Enter this command:

sfc /scannow

Your computer will scan system files and fix whatever is corrupted. I
ran the scan, and although the window closed on me before I could read
the results, I tried another installation of the 16 updates since July
10 that had been refusing to install. To my amazement, they all
succeeded, and Vista does truly seem to operate much more smoothly what
with the Intel chip and memory improvements of some recent updates.

To give some further background on the issue I was having, just to make
sure that you are having the same problems and experience that I had:

Since July 10th, I was about to download updates, and attempt to
install them. The updates would do their installation, then prompt me to
restart the computer. I would do so, and have to sit though a long
configuration, during which the computer would often restart itself a
second time.

Upon re-loading Windows, the 16 updates from July 10 to Sept 27 would
either have a status of Failed or Pending.

The solutions I had previously tried (all of which failed) included:

- Renaming/removing the \\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ folder or it's
contents (like the Downloads folder and/or DataStore folder) while the
Windows Update service was shut down

- Renaming/removing the \\Windows\System32\Catroot2\ folder while the
Cryptographic Services service was shut down

- Downloading and running individual update installers off of
Microsoft's website
(Note: When trying this message, the update history would incorrectly
show that the update was installed successfully. Even though it had a
status of Successful, it would not register in the listing of installed
updates, and thus when searching for more updates, the update would
still appear as something I needed to download)
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Old 08-07-2008
Posts: n/a
I tried your solution and all others above, but I still can't
install the updates dated october 2007.
When I run sfc /scannow, It finds some archives corrupted but doesn't tell
which are them. It refers me to a huge log file almost incomprehensive.

I seem to have developed this problem since the SP1 update now no update will
install and I have tried all of the sugestions on this thread.
Funny as a reseller I am still selling more systems with XP and so far NONE
with Vista.

Well just returned from holiday and everything seems to be working fine now.
Impossible to say why. However I did try all suggestions regarding Defender
without result, well not at time of doing anyway. Ah well hammer is now back
in the tool box - for now........

I also cleared the history and it worked for me too!

I tried your solution on two pc's. One with Vista, and one
with XP. It worked in both cases. I was pulling my hair out over the update
problem. My pc would just keep trying to install the same update and it was
keeping my pc from installing new important updates. Thank you very much,

Finally fixed!

My Dell laptop had Error Code 80240016 whenever Vista tried to do an update.
There were four updates in a queue over the last two months that would not
install. Could not get around this even by trying to do manual updates.

I read the various fixes on the web such as running sfc /scannow in the DOS
window. Had to turn off User Account Control first to give me real
Administrator rights but sfc /scannow still showed errors and the updates
continued to fail. I emailed Microsoft for help and they suggested I trawl
through the web looking for a solution. That was no help at all.

The solution: turned off Windows Defender, which is next to useless, then
installed SpyBot. This found an Internet redirector called Zlob. Once this is
exterminated, the updates started working. Zlog may have redirect Windows
update in a way that downloads could not occur. Seems bizarre that Microsoft
is so defenceless and updates that could fix the problem are blocked.
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Old 08-08-2008
Posts: n/a
Recently i had this Fault code 80240016 ERROR with the update KB915597
Windows bitdefender (7/08/2008). i just opened windows bitdefender and
cleared it's history then i left it open and tried my update again. It worked
.... Do not know why but it did the job.

1. Error message when you try to install updates from the Windows
Update Web site or from the Microsoft Update Web site: "0x80240016":

2. Unexplained computer behavior may be caused by deceptive software

I'm running Vista Business with
Service Pack 1, an Intel Core 2 duo, t7400@2.16Ghz, 2Gb Ram, 32Bit. The
machine is a Compaq nx9420 laptop.

I've tried running the command prompt as Admin using "net stop wuauserv" and
"net start wuauserv" without effect - same problem as before.

Windows Help is useless here and the update will not proceed... help!

I know that this is an OLD thread. However, I was encountering this for the
last two months. The resolution for me was that I had a virus on the machine
called "System Security" which just blocked updates. No other errors to
speak of. Thanks Geoff for your post since it is what drove me down the
virus path.
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Old 12-02-2009
Posts: n/a
The thread you hijacked is dealing with 80240016 install error. Your errors
relate to 80072ee7 & 8024402C.

Please start your own posting in the future and it would be nice if you
could tell us more information, like what OS you're using etc.

80072ee7 - This error code translates to ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT. This
could be caused by firewall software blocking the Windows Update Site.

You may encounter temporary connection-related errors when you use Windows
Update or Microsoft Update to install updates

When searching for available updates on the Update site, you see the
0x80072EE7 error

When searching for available updates on the Update site, you receive the
0x8024402C error
A misconfigured Proxy/Firewall can cause this problem. Double-check the
Proxy/Firewall settings

You may receive an error message when you search for available updates on
the Windows Update Web site or on the Microsoft Update Web site

You may receive a "0x8024402C" error message when you scan for updates on
the Windows Update Web site

The options in PROBLEM ONE of this tutorial may be able to help you fix
this stuck message problem in Windows Mail.

'Windows Mail problems'

Stop the Windows Update service;
Rename %windir%\SoftwareDistribution folder;
Start the Windows Update service

Run sfc/scannow in a dos sommand window you have launched by right clicking
on the dos icon and selecting "Run as Administrator". Then type in the dos
window the command sfc/scannow.

The solution worked perfectly. All the updates installed after doing the sfc
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Old 09-12-2009
Posts: n/a
Any answers for this error? I have the same thing happening on my computer.
First time I'm having problems with installing a windows update. And I have
not installed any new software as of late.

How do you turn off account settings?

where do i find this "run textbox?" how do i "Go to Run... in the Start
menu. Enter this command: sfc /scannow"? where is "run"? i hope this is an
easy answer for y'all, it sure confuses me, esp as i used to be able to do it
before vista.
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Old 09-01-2010
Posts: n/a
Yea oneisha, just wondering if u got everything fixed. Had this problem with
my laptop about 2 months ago. Never resolved it. i finally reinstalled
factory software. and everything worked fine. Now i am on desktop and same
problem. just wondering what happeneed.

Hey All I Found a solution to this problem. There is Malware on your
computer. Download Malwarebyte and run the program . It found 7 errors om my
computer. I qrarentined then the erased them and my computer is installing
updates as i type. Good Luck.

Found an answer to this problem, Computer infected with malware. Download
"Malwarebyte", free download, but i reccomend buying the full version, and
run software. It will find problems and then u can quarentine themerase them
.. I did it and it found 7 issues with my computer.Now everything works great
now. Learned from another website.

Check this out, from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/957307

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
Follow these steps:

1. Close any Windows Update or Microsoft Update browser windows.
2. Click Start button, type Command Prompt, in the list of results,
right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as Administrator.
(User Account Control permission: If you are prompted for an administrator
password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.)
3. Type the following commands. Press ENTER after each command:
net stop wuauserv
net start wuauserv
4. Close the Command prompt window.
5. Try to install updates again.

followed instructions and re-ran update search. result was "you have most
current update"....worked so far
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Old 19-05-2010
Posts: n/a
You have to run the CMD with Administration rights!!
Then it will work.
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Old 28-05-2010
Posts: n/a
RE: 80240016 Install Error

How can I stop updates from trying to install if they will not install.

Update will not install and
shows Error Code 80240016
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