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Thread: Error 8024002D in Vista

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    tafkamtes Guest

    Error 8024002D in Vista

    Hi, I have an update showing in Windows Update for Office XP Service
    Pack 3, which repeatedly fails to install, giving the error code
    It asks for the Publisher disc half way through installation, but
    providing it merely changes the error code produced to 51D and the
    installation still fails.
    Any ideas?

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest

    Re: Error 8024002D in Vista

    F:\>set /a c = 0x51d
    F:\>net helpmsg %c%

    An attempt has been made to operate on an impersonation token by a thread that is not currently impersonating a client.


    Perhaps as well as having the original source you have to be using the
    original account that did the install?

    BTW you're more likely to find knowledgeable help about a product specific
    update in a newsgroup which specializes in that product, particularly if the
    same problem occurs when you try downloading and installing the update
    manually, independent of any update delivery mechanism. Cross-posting
    to Office Update for convenience.

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle

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    garnets49 Guest

    RE: Error 8024002D in Vista

    Hi, I'm sorry I can't help anyone but I have a question about this error as
    well. I have a new PC with Vista and why would it try to install an office
    xp3 update to Vista? Is there a way to get around not having to update this
    particular one or do I really need it?? Thank you very much for any help you
    may give.

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    MAS Guest

    RE: Error 8024002D in Vista

    I am in the same situation. I have a new PC with VISTA loaded. I cannot
    complete the installation and when I am in excel it shuts down because the
    install is not accepted. Please help I cannot complete my work.

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    TaurArian Guest

    Re: Error 8024002D in Vista

    Error Code: 0x8024002D
    means - a full-file patch failed because the source was required

    If you were downloading a patch, repair Office install and try the patch again or try
    installing the patch with the Office CD in the installation drive.

    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2008 - Australia
    How to ask a question:

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    Bluestarling Guest

    RE: Error 8024002D in Vista

    I had the same problem. I put my office disc in and then installed update and this worked.

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    Chance Guest

    RE: Error 8024002D in Vista

    I don't even have the 2004 version it's asking me for. It's a new computer
    with the 2006 version of Microsoft Office for windows vista, but the update
    keeps coming up saying it's an important update.

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    Art Catherall Guest

    Re: Error 8024002D in Vista

    Inserted the 2006 office suite disc as you suggested and update installed ok.
    Many thanks.
    Art. C

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest

    Re: Error 8024002D in Vista

    What failed? If an Office Update failed after being download and an install
    attempt started by Microsoft Update (MU) you could try downloading the
    update and installing it manually. Then that would make any further problem
    you had with the install phase independent of MU, so you could have better
    luck posting in a newsgroup which specializes in Office updates.

    BTW see my previous reply to the OP of this discussion when it started
    over a year ago... ; ]


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