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Thread: Windows Update Error Code: 80070005

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    Joe Davis Guest

    Windows Update Error Code: 80070005

    I'm running Windows Vista Premium and i've been automatically updating since
    I've gotten the computer in like February and just last week, i get the
    notification saying windows could not search for updates, so I clicked check
    for updates and i got the same message with error(s) found code 80070005, I
    tried some of the suggestions below and none of them worked.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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    TaurArian [MS-MVP] Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error Code: 80070005

    Not much for the old "access denied" code - but -

    Suggestion from MS -

    Install/reinstall Windows Update Client

    The above URL is for 64-bit version or the 32-bit version

    Please see if installing the 3.0 client resolves the problem.

    No guarantees.

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    Joe Davis Guest
    Okay i tried to download, what you sent to me and, I run on 32 bit, and i
    downloaded it, and after it extracted the files and it told me that windows
    update agent Installer encoutnered unrecoverable error, so yeah any
    suggestions? Thanks.

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    Aug 2007

    Re: Windows Update Error Code: 80070005


    I am having the same problem regarding the Windows Update and error code 80070005. I am currenly on the phone with the phone number for help that was provided (Microsoft Product Support Services at 1-866-PCSAFETY), but don't know how much longer I am going to wait for someone to answer. I did not do any of the reinstall links as listed because they say to uninstall any virus programs before doing it. I don't want to uninstall the virus program I have so I am not going to do this suggestion: Install/reinstall Windows Update Client

    If I get this error code, does that mean that my Windows Vista is not actually looking for updates and updating?

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    Ian Burney Guest

    Windows Update Error 80070005 on Vista Premium

    I am battling with the same error 80070005 and unrecoverable error if I try to re-install Windows Update. Has anyone had a satisfactory fix from Microsoft yet?

    Also note from the Windows Update log file it appears to be stuck on what some people are calling a stealth update to Windows Update itself:-

    SelfUpdate handler update required: Current version: 7.0.6000.374, required version: 7.0.6000.381

    Call me paranoid if you will but maybe this is why I can't find anyone that can fix it yet other than people suggesting re-install of Vista or suggesting fixes that used to work on older OS.

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    Paul Guest

    RE: Windows Update Error Code: 80070005

    I'm having the same problem. First it started with error 80070422. Ran
    regsvr32 wuaueng.dll. Know I'm getting this code, please advise
    Vista Plus
    I have download some updates 9-21 but unable to since
    I disabled defender and windows media share. On media share I changed the
    value "2".
    I have AVG, Zone Alarm and Spybot SD res shield.

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    Artful Dodger Guest

    RE: Windows Update Error Code: 80070005

    I have the exact same problem with Vista Ultimate. Windows Update returns an
    80070005 error. Clicking on the Get Help link returns 23 possible fixes which
    all are different and haven't done anything except delete my Windows Update
    History. I feel like I'm sliding down a slippery slope here. This all started
    10/09/2007. I am nothing going down the re-install road for a while. As I
    have a 1TB system and need to off load a lot of data before doing a
    scratch/install of Vista. We shouldn't have to re-install the operating
    system as a solution.

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    Sue Guest

    RE: Windows Update Error Code: 80070005

    I am have also been getting this problem since 9th October 2007. I have
    contatced both Microsoft and Symantec (I am running Internet Security 2008).
    Both of the suggested fixes are below. As yet they have not worked for me -
    does anyone know the answer to the following questions please (both MS and
    Symantec have not replied to my further questions):

    1. The name and location of the Executable file name for Windows Update
    manager in Vista? Symantec suggested wupdmgr.exe, but a full search of my
    laptop has not loacated this file.

    2. When I try to rename c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution I do not have
    permission on my user account, even tho it has administrator access. I
    enabled the administrator account on my laptop, and this doesn't have
    permission either. Does anyone know how I can give either account the
    required acccess?

    Microsoft's Solution:
    Rename Software Distribution folder:

    1. Click on 'Start', choose 'Run', type in CMD and click on 'OK'.

    2. Type NET STOP WUAUSERV and press 'Enter'. (Leave this window open for
    later use)

    3. Open 'My Computer'.

    4. Find the folder c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.

    5. Right mouse click on SoftwareDistribution and choose 'Rename', call the
    folder "SDold"

    6. Return to the black Window that opened in step 1 type NET START WUAUSERV
    and click 'Enter'.

    7. Close all the windows.

    Once we have performed the above steps, please access the Windows Update
    site and see, if the issue is resolved.

    Symantec's Solution

    please note that this issue could be caused if Norton Internet Security is
    blocking Internet connection for the Windows Update Manager. I suggest that
    you please set permissions for the Windows Update Manager to access the
    internet to resolve this issue. Please follow the steps provided below to
    permit Windows Update Manager for internet access:

    1. Open Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2008.
    2. Click on settings.
    3. Click on Personal firewall
    4. Click on Configure
    5. Click on Program control in the left pane of the Internet Security and
    Firewall Options Window
    6. Browse through the folder "C:\Windows\System32\" (Default path).
    7. Click on the application "wupdmgr.exe".
    8. Select OK.
    9. Once you finish adding wupdmgr.exe, I suggest that you set its Access
    status as "Allow".

    NOTE: If you are unable to find the executable file (wupdmgr.exe), then
    please contact Microsoft Technical Support department for further assistance
    in getting the actual "Name" and "Location" of the Executable file name for
    Windows Update manager.

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    TaurArian Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error Code: 80070005

    Try Installing/reinstalling Windows Update Client

    x86-based versions of Windows - download the WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe package now.

    x64-based versions of Windows - download the WindowsUpdateAgent30-x64.exe package now.

    Please see if installing the 3.0 client resolves the problem.

    More information :

    A new version of the Windows Update Agent is available

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    Windows vista update error: 80070005 Guest

    Windows Update Error Code: 80070005

    Getting the 80070005 error when attempting windows update - vista ultimate -
    Office 2007

    I did a google search and some results said it was an access denied problem
    and suggested using SubInACL but none of them said if the error number or the
    program was for vista specifically, and SubInACL does not list vista as
    supported. I tried it anyway with no success. One site had a suggestion to
    change some things with Dcomcnfg but nothing there needed changing. I also
    tried to download two different manual install files for the windows update
    installer but both of them failed. I tried to download SP1 manually and
    install it and got the same error(80070005). I followed the link that SP1
    gave me from the error and tried the steps there but they didn't work. I
    tried to download a couple updates to help fix update problems(one released a
    day before SP1) but both said "The update does not apply to your system". I
    checked the windowsupdate.log and the last two KB's that appeared before the
    problem are KB946041 and KB905866. I tried to download and install them but
    got the same message as the other manual downloads. When you click on a
    manual download file it says "searching for updates". Do the manual install
    files still use windows updates to install? Kinda funny how a fix for windows
    update can't install because of the problem that it's trying to fix. Tried
    system restore and that didn’t work. Tried to reset the SoftwareDistribution
    folder and that didn’t work either.

    2008-03-13 10:02:10:762 1180 1408 Handler FATAL: UH: 0x80070005:
    EvaluateApplicability failed in CCbs::EvaluateApplicability
    2008-03-13 10:02:10:762 1180 1408 Agent WARNING: Failed to evaluate
    Installed rule, updateId = {1146F9E6-B059-47AB-A6B5-D62A5CA5F3A4}.100, hr =

    These couple lines appear hundreds of times in windowsupdate.log
    I could report the problem in an email but I figured i'd try here first.
    And I might have provided more usfule information on the problem.

    So... any more ideas?

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    PA Bear [MS MVP] Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error Code: 80070005

    Here is perhaps the most definitive (and long-running) conversation about
    that error:
    Start a free Windows Update support incident request:

    Support for Windows Update:

    For home users, no-charge support is available by calling 1-866-PCSAFETY in
    the United States and in Canada or by contacting your local Microsoft
    subsidiary. There is no-charge for support calls that are associated with
    security updates.

    For more information about how to contact your local Microsoft subsidiary
    for security update support issues, visit the International Support Web

    For enterprise customers, support for security updates is available through
    your usual support contacts.

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    Windows vista update error: 80070005 Guest
    Thanks for the fast response but I guess theres no choice but to go with the
    support incident request.
    I don't want to re-install vista though. Maybe there might be a manual
    update I can get and install in the future. Or I could just keep manualy
    installing updates(for ones that do install).

    Also I'm viewing this discussion from the Microsoft discussion groups site
    and that link you posted brings me back to the same discussion and I've read
    all the other posts already.

    To keep track of things, it helps immensely if you include all of previous
    message(s) in your replies to the newsgroup. Otherwise, we have no idea to
    whom you're replying. Thank you.

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    Windows vista update error: 80070005 Guest

    RE: Windows Update Error Code: 80070005

    The first time I ran the .bat file for SubInACL.exe that I found at
    , I think the majority of changes failed but I thought it might be normal,
    or the changes required administrator privileges. Instead of just
    double-clicking the .bat file I went to accessories in the start menu and
    right-clicked command prompt to run it as administrator. Then I ran the .bat
    file from the command prompt and most of the changes were successful. I did
    this in the administrator account too but I think running the .bat file from
    the command prompt as administrator is what did it. After a restart I no
    longer got the 80070005 error.

    It took a long time for windows update to finish searching for updates but
    when it was finished there were two updates that needed to be downloaded but
    when I tried to download them I got the error 80246008. I'm assuming this is
    unrelated but who knows. I checked a Microsoft article on this and it said
    to start the BITS service but when attempting to do that I get error 2: The
    system cannot find the file specified. I tried using bitsadmin but several
    commands end with error 0x80080005. The /util /repairservice command tells
    me I can't use it on the version of the operating system. I deleted the two
    qmgr files in the downloader folder too and used the regsvr32 command with
    several files. initpki.dll and msxml.dll told me the specified module was not
    found and qmgr.dll said it was loaded but the entry point DllRegisterServer
    was not found. I'm still searching for a solution to this problem.

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    Windows vista update error: 80070005 Guest

    RE: Windows Update Error Code: 80070005 Compleatly fixed

    The solution for 80070005 that worked for me is in my previous post in the
    first paragraph.
    For the BITS problem, I found the solution at the following link

    Replaced good registry data for the bits service for what was on my computer
    and after I restarted, the BITS service was working and Windows Update
    worked. I changed permissions for the registry entries just to be safe.
    Maybe both errors I had were both caused by permissions or at least the same
    problem. Not everyone has had this problem but it has happened several times
    so it must be something specific. Thought I might mention this computer has
    Norton (I think 2003 or something like that) and Microsoft Office Small
    business 2007.

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    PA Bear [MS MVP] Guest
    Four words in your last paragraph reveal the troublemaker: "this computer
    has Norton"

    Sorry Itried this but installer says that Windows Update is installed yet

    I found out how to fix this... one word XP thanks be to Vista to show the
    true OS!

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