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Thread: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

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    David Guest

    Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    Please help. I cannot find any information on this error anywhere.

    I'm able to download and install the updates and they require a restart.
    During restart, I see the "configuring updates" message prior to the logon
    screen. Somewhere in this process all of the updates fail. Every update
    (the June patches) has the same update error.

    I tried reinstalling the updates but the same error occurs.

    I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate.

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    Cesar Ventura Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    I am running Vista Ultimate 64.
    I had the same problem, and got most of the fixes installed, by doing them
    one at a time.
    Still have two that will not install.

    1: Error code 80071A90
    Cumulative Security Update for Outlook Express for Windows Vista for
    x64-based Systems(KB929123 ).
    from this link I tried to
    install it manually
    it will not install, says something about not needed for my system.

    2: Error code 800F0826
    Security Update for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems (KB931213)
    I get the configuring updates message on restart, and again when system
    reboots. Then system reboots again.
    No configuring updates message after the second reboot. After the system
    comes up I get notified that there are
    updates available. When I check to see what updates are available, I get the
    same update pending.
    Needless to say I have turned off Automatic update, as it keeps trying to
    install the same fix over and over again.
    Now, what makes it even stranger is that when I look at installed updates, I
    Security Update for Windows (KB931213).. Why two fixes with the same KB

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    Gistcheckin Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    Try installing the latest version of the Windows Update client:

    For 32-bit systems, download and save to hard disk, and then install:

    If this produces an error message about "Update agent already
    installed", then execute the installer again manually, with parameter
    /wuforce as in (at a comand prompt window):

    WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe /wuforce

    If unable to install, disable any anti-virus or anyi-spyware application
    active, then try the installation again.
    - Robin Walker {MVP}

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    <cmd_output OS="XPsp2">
    E:\>set /a c = 0x1aa7
    E:\>net helpmsg %c%

    The system cannot find message text for message number 0x1aa7 in the message file for NETMSG.


    Try the same thing in Vista. Perhaps that code has a meaning in it?

    Alternatively, since codes have very little meaning without their context
    anyway, search any files that the install created for those codes,
    both the hex value (without the 0x prefix) and the decimal equivalent.

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    ronsj Guest
    I successfully installed latest update agent but still cannot install:
    Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista (KB933566)
    Installation status: Failed
    Error details: Code 80071AA7

    Have you disabled all anti-virus, anti-spyware, popup-blocker, download
    accelerator, third-party firewall?

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    ronsj Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    I am using windows live one care for management of virus, spy, firewall and
    disabled virus and spy to install update agent (which installed fine).
    I then enabled virus and spy before trying to install the security update.
    I will now try install security update with virus etc disabled and will post

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    ronsj Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    Didn't work. Had Virus, spyware, firewall and pop up blocker in internet
    options disabled but Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 in
    Windows Vista (KB933566) failed to install. Thanks for trying.

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    Cesar Ventura Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    Did as suggested, but installed the 64 bit version of the Windows Update
    client. It still will not install those two updates.I also have the 32 bit
    Home Premium on another system, and that system had no problems installing
    all the latests patches. I will just leave autoupdates turned off. I will
    probably all get straightened out when SP1 comes out.

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    David Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    Thanks for all of the replies. Here's the results of trying the suggestions
    on my system:

    1. Installing each update one by one worked for all except "Cumulative
    Security Update for Windows Mail for Windows Vista (KB929123)". For it, I
    still get the same 80071AA7 error.

    2. Reinstalling the Windows Update client did not make a difference.

    3. I could not find any matches for the error code in any of the download
    files and when running "net helpmsg", I get the following response:

    "The file cannot be opened transactionally, because its identity depends on
    the outcome of an unresolved transaction."

    Which is not much help as it is apparently a low level system error
    ( Thanks for the tip
    on looking up the decimal error codes though.

    4. I disabled anti-virus and anti-spyware, and it still didn't work.

    Interestingly, when I first logon after restart, the Windows Update window
    shows that all updates are applied. A little while later, I get an error
    message in the system tray saying an update has failed, and then the Windows
    Update window changes to reflect that. So something is happening in the last
    installation steps of the update.

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest

    Re: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    Not the download files, the files that the update creates or modifies. ; )
    E.g. search for all files which are changed on that day, then order them
    by Date Modified. That in fact is a misnomer because it sorts by a full
    timestamp, so then you can just scroll to the minute when the update
    was active and find all files which it changed.

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    Otto Seppälä Guest

    RE: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    I had the same problem, Vista Home Premium and updates repeatedly failing
    with the code 0x80071AA7.

    I happened to stumble upon a solution for this (at least in my case) from
    this blog post [1]:

    The post explains how the problem can be pinpointed to a specific file
    holding back the update by examining the file windows\WindowsUpdate.log

    In my case the files occonfig.dll and ocsetup.exe were causing the update to
    fail. They also prevented me from installing service pack 2. Following the
    instructions in the post did the following.

    1) booted into recovery mode (press F8 to get the boot menu during system
    startup) and then select the topmost entry
    2) when available, chose to enter command prompt.
    3) copied the contents from windows\system32 to a temporary directory
    4) deleted the files in Windows\System32
    5) copied the files back to System32 from the temporary directory

    It all seems like black magic, but I assume that the process destroys file
    links or file locks that should not be there that are holding back the
    installation of the update. (Someone who knows better could explain further)

    I did also the chkdsk part suggested on the blog, but in my case chkdsk did
    not report any problems.

    In any case, the trick worked and I finally could install the updates that
    had already failed to install numerous times.


    p.s. The original blog post uses a lot safer mechanism, where the original
    file is simply renamed and copied. Using my method resolves all files, but is
    a bit riskier.

    [1] Windows update error 80071AA7 *solved*,

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    umang Guest

    RE: Windows Update Error 80071AA7

    if u copy the files (in system32) and then delete system32 and then copy the
    files back to system32, what difference does it make?? the files which were
    in the folder previously just get copied to the temporary directory and the
    nget copied back to the system 32 folder, right?? how does it "repair" the pc?

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