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Thread: WindowsUpdate_80072F8F WindowsUpdate_dt000

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    Danny_40 Guest

    WindowsUpdate_80072F8F WindowsUpdate_dt000

    After upgrading at Windows Server 2008 Enterprise LongHorn Beta3 from Windows
    Server 2003 Enterprise, I can't Update the installation because Windows
    report error 80072F8F.
    Can anyone help me?

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    Engel Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_80072F8F WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Is your clock and Time Zone also the Date set properly?

    Please go to Windows Update, do an express scan, and apply all offered
    See whether that gets you current---. Do you still get the error message?

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: WindowsUpdate_80072F8F WindowsUpdate_dt000


    One or more errors were found in the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
    certificate sent by the server.

    Check the clock to ensure that it's set correctly. If that's not the
    issue, then post the issue to the LongHorn Beta newsgroup via Connect:

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    Danny_40 Guest
    The clock of my server LongHorn is set at Europe West because I am living in
    Rome Italy and the language of LongHorn is English(US)
    LongHorn isn't able to connect at Microsoft Update

    The clock is OK but I can't go at microsoft update because LongHorn remain in
    the Control Panel > Windows Update and in the taskbar the icon say that
    Windows can't check for Update.
    Connect haven't Beta NewsGroup

    Date Time and Time Zone set correctly but there are other troubles because
    IE7 encountre several difficulties at open Microsoft Web Site displaying
    Certificate Error

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    Mick Guest
    Also getting this on my vista Ultimate x 64 bit..
    ALL updates had been applied then suddenly few days ago this message about
    "Windows could not search for updates" error code 80072F8F.
    The KB is of little help only really telling me what I already know.
    Checked time (even synchronised with online time server.) all OK but still
    no joy?

    Cured my problem by removing Kapersky anti virus!!
    Even with this turned OFF the update error occurred but when removed all OK
    Now using differenty AV

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    cheeseandpickle Guest
    also getting this with vista home premium last update i got was the
    30-5-07 then nothing since just this error code 80072f8f did the sinc
    clock/date/language same socks and shoes thing but still no joy any help

    I was not able to check for updates because my computer clock was set to 2006.

    Updating to the correct date and time worked.

    I only disabled the "Check all encrypted connections" in Kaspesky Internet
    Security, and Windows Update connected. This option can be found under
    network settings.

    Am having difficulty updating my Microsoft Windows

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    TaurArian Guest
    1. 0x80072EFE - ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_ABORTED - The connection with the
    server has been terminated.
    2. How to ask a question:

    Accessing the MS newsgroups in Outlook Express Newsreader

    Setting up Outlook Express to access Microsoft newsgroups

    Setting up Windows Mail (Vista) to access Microsoft newsgroups

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    Jewel2009 Guest
    This is not a big problem bro.....u just must to set time and date 1/2 days after the last update ex. june 26 18:30 last update u set june 28 the date...and try it will works ... i have the same problem but this is a solution for it....(K)

    Thanks for mentioning the year your computer was set to; I'd checked mine
    over 20 times today trying to resolve this problem and didn't realise it
    wasn't set to 2009 (it was 2008) - a minor oversight kept me glued to my seat
    and frustrated! Thanks a million for saying yours was set to 200 - it was
    the lightbulb I needed.

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    Jul 2010

    Re: WindowsUpdate_80072F8F WindowsUpdate_dt000

    MowGreen [MVP], thanks! This helped immensely!

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    Sep 2011

    Re: WindowsUpdate_80072F8F WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Jewel2009 reset of the date and clock worked here too. Thanks for the posting. I am surprised that Windows Help did steer me to the fix!

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