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Thread: Windows Error Code - 8024002D - Windows XP Service Pack 3

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    cpellew Guest

    Windows Error Code - 8024002D - Windows XP Service Pack 3

    Hello I cannot install the windows xp service pack 3 update because it asks
    me for a Installation CD that I don't have. it says insert the Microsoft Word
    2002 disk. When I press cancel it says update installation failed, error
    code 8024002D. I went to the Microsoft website but they don't have any info
    on this particular error code. I'm not about to pay microsoft any money for
    some support, so do any guys know how i can solve this problem. By the way i
    bought my computer from MDG - a computer manufacturer/retailer.

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    P-air Guest

    Re: Windows Error Code - 8024002D - Windows XP Service Pack 3

    I had this problem too, and still do. Michel: Well - it nearly worked. But
    in the end the same error messge came up about needing to install the CD.
    Being unable to get this SP3 loaded has meant my Norton update won't load

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    realcestmoi Guest
    I guess you are trying to install SP3 for MS office since there is no SP3
    for windows XP and refering to the error you are reporting.

    If you do not have the cd go to office update site and look for a full
    installer which enables you to install the update without having to put the
    office 2002 cd in your cd rom drive.Just go here and choose the desired
    language for your OS:
    look for:

    If you take the full update package office should not prompt for the
    installation cd this file should be around 60 Mb.

    Did you check well if you took the full installer package?

    Norton not beeing able to update has nothing to do with Office SP3 installed
    or not.,

    I think you better check your system on malware and viruses.

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    repra1941 Guest

    Re: Windows Error Code - 8024002D - Windows XP Service Pack 3

    Have followed the answer to this question and get the same reply as "P-air".
    Tried both paths on download "run" and now have download on desktop and still
    get asked for disc.

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    Alisa Borek Guest

    Same Error, Same Problem

    I have the same issue. My Microsoft Update failed with the same code as above. I went and downloaded the
    57.5 MB
    as directed and ran it. It requested the cd for office 2002, just as the update did.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Tom Willett Guest
    Try starting a new thread. This one died almost 3 years ago.

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