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Thread: windows\system32\mshtml.hlp file missing

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    DSUE Guest

    windows\system32\mshtml.hlp file missing

    I was saving some pics from the internet and after saving one I got to the
    next and a message popped up saying C:\WINDOWS\system32\mshtml.hlp file is
    missing. I was referred to copy file from another computer with Windows XP
    Home on it. That file is not on my other computer. Is there another problem
    I am not seeing or another way to get this file?

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest
    There is no mshtml.hlp file -
    Try deleting IE's cache from Tools, Internet Options, click the Delete
    Files button under Temporary Internet Files.
    Go back to the site where you were saving the 'pics' from and try right
    clicking them and choose 'Save Image As'

    Windows version? IE version? Where "[on] the internet"? Your problem as
    it relates to Windows Update?

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    DSUE Guest

    Re: windows\system32\mshtml.hlp file missing

    Windows XP, IE 7. Yes, I found Article 190250 on the Microsoft website,
    but it doesn't tell how to fix the problem. It has a resolution link, but
    when I click on it, it says page not found.

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    DSUE Guest
    I tried it and it didn't work. That is how I have been saving pics.
    (right-clicking, etc.)

    And were these saved pix embedded (inserted) into an HTML message being read
    using Outlook Express or Outlook?

    I hv the same prob too trying to save pics from OE6. Any idea how to solve

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    Please Advise On How To Re-install This File (driver). Windows System32 Mshtml.. This Allows Me To File Pictures.. Thank You

    How Can I Correct The Problem?

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    Re: windows\system32\mshtml.hlp file missing

    Well, that was baffling. Thanks a lot. Glad I signed up. yup yup yup...uh, huh.

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