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Thread: Error Code 80072F78

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    Richard MW Kharbutli Guest

    Error Code 80072F78

    Dear Sir
    Can someone help me with vista update, I'm receiveing Code 80072F78 when
    trying to update

    Please help

    Thanks In advance

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    TaurArian [MS-MVP] Guest
    Make sure that the time and date including Internet Zone are correct on your computer.

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    Richard MW Kharbutli Guest

    Re: Error Code 80072F78

    Dear TaurArian
    I've synchronized date and time with Microsoft and empty the two folders of
    windows update and restart the windows update service and I'm still receiving
    the same error code

    Please Help

    Thanks in Advance

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    Richard MW Kharbutli Guest
    I'm sorry it worked now, all what i have to do is to restart the computer
    after the synchronization of time

    Thanks for helping

    U r the man

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    May 2009

    Re: Error Code 80072F78

    Guys you are all doing the wrong thing the problem is with your winsock, it has been changed or maybe corrupted. You need to reset your winsock file. To do this in Vista goto
    Start/All Programs/Accessories/
    right click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
    in the command window type the following without quotes
    "netsh winsock reset"
    exit command prompt and reboot
    Presto it is fixed, all updates should now work.
    Send me email if you get it to work

    You can also try to reset the TCP/IP, type this
    "netsh int ip reset"
    do the 1st suggestion, it is usally the one that fixes the problem
    (Make me Laugh HP tech support could not figure this out, being a former tech i remembered my Win95 Days and I figured this one out pretty Quick)
    Cheers to you all Hope This Works For you all :)

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    MowGreen Guest

    Re: Error Code 80072F78

    NO, you are doing the 'wrong thing' by NOT quoting the thread to which
    you've responded to PLUS, the thread is over 2 years old:
    Error Code 80072F78

    Since your response is now on the Public MS WindowsUpdate newsgroup with
    no reference to *anything* except the 80072F78 error code, it's
    basically useless to everyone who is not visiting the techarena forum.

    Thanks for almost nothing.

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    Re: Error Code 80072F78

    It is with interest that I read the reply to your effort of helping people with the above error messeage. I am a pastor with more than a passing knowledge of computers and I have been busy "fixing" a PC of a friend of mine. The problem was this error message when trying to download and install Vista Ultimate SP 1. I also downloaded the Standalone Sp1 and Sp2 and wrote them to a DVD. Still the same problem.

    By God's Grace after searching for three (3) days solid for any type of fix and after trying I don't know how many useless ones I somehow ended up at your thread completely by accident or as I know to be providence of God. I was not impressed by the comment of the person just after your fix and I don't care that your fix was an answer to a 2year old enquiry. It is still relevant for today so:-

    It fixed my un-fixable problem that had been frustrating me for as I have said three (3) days solid.

    Anyone else with the Error code 80072F78, try the winsock fix. That is all it took to get the gremlin out of the PC system that I was trying to fix .

    Again I say to you sir a very LARGE thank you.

    To you Mow Green. Please don't be so caustic and quick to reply in the manner that you did as it causes people who have also knowledge to impart , to no longer do so. Please remember that many old fixes for old problems still work today for Windows Vista programs as in my case. Please do not be offended as I am just trying to make sure fixes that other people have are offered instead of them not coming forward as they might feel threatened that their fixes might be out of date. In my case a 2 yr.old fix worked where no other numerous fixes from at least five of the other biggest help forums worked . May God bless you all on this forum and see you all around.
    Last edited by FReakMaster; 02-07-2009 at 11:38 PM. Reason: Miss Information of error code

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    Re: Error Code 80072F78

    This winsock reset didn't helped me. Still unable to update
    Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.61.1063.0)

    Thanks / Tomas

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    TaurArian Guest

    Re: Error Code 80072F78

    How to troubleshoot definition update issues for Windows Defender

    Perhaps a manual update - Threat Research and Response
    Newsgroup for Windows Defender:

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    Re: Error Code 80072F78

    Quote Originally Posted by TaurArian [MS-MVP] View Post
    Make sure that the time and date including Internet Zone are correct on your computer.
    TaurArian, You ARE the man

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