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Thread: WindowsUpdate_8024402C WindowsUpdate_dt000

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    Ed M Guest

    WindowsUpdate_8024402C WindowsUpdate_dt000

    I have followed all the things of windows help, but no result.
    Still no update, and every time the same screen.
    Please help, so i can download my updates.
    Vista is already activaded!

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    David Hornbuckle Guest
    I'm having the same problem as Ed. I've followed all the instructions on the Microsoft site, but I still can't get any updates.

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    Cynthia Wargin Guest
    Two quick questions:

    - In addition to the steps listed on the Windows Help and How-To website
    (, did you also try the alternate steps
    for the ISA server settings in this KB?

    - I'm not sure if the ISA server info is applicable to your situations, but
    do either of these scenarios apply?

    "If you receive Windows Update error 8024402C while checking for updates,
    you might need to do one of the following:

    .. If the computer is connected to a network at work, contact a network
    administrator. You probably receive updates using Windows Server Update
    Services (WSUS), a service that enables network administrators to deploy and
    manage updates for all computers on a network. For more information about
    WSUS, go to the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) website

    .. If your computer is usually connected to a network at work (for example,
    if you use a mobile PC but you are currently using it at home or at another
    location), you probably receive updates using WSUS and can not receive
    updates by connecting directly to the Internet or to another network, such
    as a home network. To solve the problem, connect to the network at work and
    try checking for updates again, or contact a network administrator."

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    Ed M Guest

    RE: WindowsUpdate_8024402C WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Finally, it works!!
    I have in a last effort i deinstalled windows vista and made a new clean
    I did't update xp but i choose in the selection screen for a clean
    installation and this worked for me, at last!!

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    Aug 2007

    Vista windows update not working

    I was afraid you'd say that. I have a similar problem.
    but isn't reinstalling Vista like burning down the house for spring cleaning?

    Vista windows update not working.
    "Windows could not search for new update"
    WindowsUpdate_C0150004 WindowsUpdate_dt000

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    Matt Guest
    I have the same problem and same setup as Ed M. I'm not to keen on
    reinstalling Vista and have tried all the tips from Microsoft

    Have the same problem...
    I've updated correct till SP1 installed :(

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    Can Guest

    Re: Windows Vista Update error 8024402C

    I had the same problem ''Code 8024402C'' until I figured out to shut the
    windows firewall completely. Now I am downloading updates. Hope they will be
    installed without any problem. For you guys have the same error code, try to
    turn off the windows firewall before scanning new updates. Just do not forget
    to turn on it again...
    Logically windows firewall should allow windows update service by default. I
    tried to make an exception of windows update on windows firewall but could
    not find its .exe or whatever it is necessary to make an exception.

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    Sep 2008
    I am using OS vista home premium ,any one can help me to windows update since i am getting error
    WindowsUpdate_8024402C" "WindowsUpdate_dt000
    I could not able to update

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    TaurArian Guest

    Re: WindowsUpdate_8024402C WindowsUpdate_dt000

    You may receive a "0x8024402C" error message when you scan for updates on
    the Windows

    Windows Update error 8024402C

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    awiklendt Guest

    Re: WindowsUpdate_8024402C WindowsUpdate_dt000

    this helped me

    i had to open internet options in Internet Explorer (i think you can also do
    this from control panel) and make sure that my LAN settings had only
    "automatically detect settings" checked (not the other two below that).

    then it worked. silly really.

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