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Thread: after daylight savings time update, still wrong time

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    Spencer Guest

    Re: after daylight savings time update, still wrong time

    I should have mentioned that I did manually set the clock to the correct
    time, but it was somehow automatically set back to the wrong time.

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    Spencer Guest
    OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

    I'm in Boise, ID (MST). My clock is displaying the wrong time (it displays
    an hour ahead of the correct time).

    I went to Windows Update and tried to run the DST update. I get this error

    Title: KB931836 Setup Error
    Message: Update cannot be installed as a newer or same timezone update has
    already been installed on the system

    I tried restarting my machine, hoping that perhaps the update had been
    installed but not yet applied. No help.

    In my Date and Time Properties I do *not* have a tab for setting time from a
    time server.

    Do *not* change the machine's time manually.

    Start -> Run -> cmd -> time

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    POTTECH Guest

    Re: after daylight savings time update, still wrong time

    Hello--I'm also having "dynamic, ongoing" reverting of the internal clock in
    my Windows 2000, and manual re-setting or setting of time zone doesn't stop
    it. I don't know what your last line means--is that a solution to this
    problem? I may need more explanation of how what to do in DOS.

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    Earlibrd Guest

    Re: after daylight savings time update, still wrong time

    I had one 2003 server that did this to me. Removing the update and trying to
    reinstall did not work. It told me I was already updated. So I found TZEDIT
    on microsoft's website and I followed their instructions and created a new
    Eastern Time Zone for myself. To get it to take, I copied the current Eastern
    Time Zone name but left off Canada so I could see the difference. Then I set
    the correct dates for the new standards and I applied it. It appears to be
    holding. Previously I was restarting the time service and it would reset.
    After creating this new zone and restarting the service, it is still correct
    after a time synch.

    Not perfect but it will do as I am doing away with this server for a new one

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    Apr 2009

    Re: after daylight savings time update, still wrong time

    this is ridiculous! 2 years later, this bug has still not been fixed by Microsoft! it's happening right now on my Acer with XP SP2 on it - the clock is 1 hour early and will not change no matter what! changing it in CMD works until I subchronize it with an atomic clock on the net, then it reverts to the wrong time e.g. 1:30 instead of 2:30! I am in GMT-5

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    I'm new...I've been trying to find answers to this type of problem and this message board is all I can find.

    I have the EXACT same problem you have, except for one thing...I have an atomic clock on my wall. Usually it works fine, but since the daylight saving time switched, the clock wouldn't.

    This is the weird thing, though...when I turn the time to the correct time, it changes back within an hour or two. I've changed it several times and it still changes back.

    My guess is that whatever station this clock draws its time from is incorrect, hasn't been changed, or whatever. So it may not be a Microsoft problem, after all. It certainly isn't applicable with my clock; it may not be with yours, either.

    I'm not sure where this time originates, but I'm sure fixin' to find out.

    I'll let you know when I find something.

    I checked the US Naval Observatory clock and. Both display the correct time for Eastern Standard Time.

    But, look at the replies on this webpage:

    My guess, then, is that our problems differ; are not from the same source...unless the time that goes out to atomic clocks are off.

    If my clock did the same as yours, I'd use an application called "worldtime.exe" that I downloaded years ago. An app with that name does exist, but didn't go deep eenough inn my search to confirm it (I'm in a hurry). If it's the same, it's packed with useful tools, including a timer.

    To update your clock, you simply go into your programs, mouseover worldtime and click on the worldtime link. It places an icon on your opened app quicklaunch (beside your system clock), which you can right-click and close.

    Of course, you have to set it up to match your time zone, but no biggie.

    If you decide to try it, let me know how it works.

    I hope I helped a little.

    OH! I should have mentioned from the beginning that you may need to swap our your system clock battery (button sized). This is what keeps the clock running even when your computer is off (it's not like the refrigerator!).

    Before running out to buy one, I'd try to install the apps first. If it still lags or changes, THEN I'd try changing the battery.

    If you've never changed it, it may be time. Remember...even before you purchased your computer, it was sitting in the factory and on the store shelves ticking away.

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest

    Re: after daylight savings time update, still wrong time

    I should have mentioned that I did manually set the clock to the correct
    time, but it was somehow automatically set back to the wrong time

    You should also have mentioned whether you do any dual booting with
    other NTx OS... ; )

    The best solution is a time server.

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