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Code 800736cc

Windows Update

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Old 05-02-2007
S Murder
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Code 800736cc

I keep getting this error when updating Windows Vista (Update KB929427). How
do I install it?

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Old 07-02-2007
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I keep getting the same thing on Vista Enterprise. Please help....

I got the same error as you while trying to install KB928089...

This is helpful. I would like to add one comment: I needed to stop and start
the BITS service in order to complete the installation for the KB931174

I also was given an error that stated I should restart BITS, which I did - I
now get the error "80080008".
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Old 12-02-2007
Reaper 9000
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RE: Code 800736cc

Hi all,
As I posted in another thread:

I was getting this exact same problem as well on my fresh install of vista
ultimate. I believe this error( 800736cc or 0x800736cc ) indicates a "file
hash mismatch". What that
basically translates to is a corrupted file. Most likely your computer
crashed or locked up while downloading or installing updates like mine did.

What you will need to do to fix this is get the updater to redownload the
files for your failed updates. To accomplish this requires some slightly
complicated steps:

1) Go to your "Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download" folder. You should see
a bunch of folders with random looking names

2) Look in each of these folders until you find one that has a .cab file
with a name that contains the update number that failed (i.e.
Windows6.0-KB929427-x86-EXPRESS.cab or something similar). If you can't find
the cab file there should be some other file in the folder that indicates its

3) Backup then delete the entire folder (the one with the random looking
name) that contains that cab file

4) Repeat for each of the updates that are failing for you

5) You might have to reboot at this point but I didn't have to

6) Either wait for the updater to notify you or manually check for updates

7) The updates should be available for download again

8) Let the updater download and apply the previously failed updates and it
should work this time

If this is too complicated, the other thing you can try is backing up and
deleting the entire contents of the "Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download"
folder. I did not try this though so I don't know if that is advisable.

Hope this helps you out :)
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Old 20-04-2009
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RE: Code 800736cc

i went through this process a million times and it still gives me the same
error while tring to install the updates on vista. also at one point it said
that it ddid not pass the genuine validation and it is original. also the
..net framework is giving me an error saying unable to find a version for
runtime to work. anyone can help pls??
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