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Thread: Error Code 8007000B with Windows Update in Vista

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    NickBC Guest

    Error Code 8007000B with Windows Update in Vista

    Hi, I'm trying to update my copy of Vista Home Premium and I have about 5
    Vista updates.
    Every time I try and download/install them the updater stalls when I begin
    to download and then says "Some updates were not installed
    Failed: 5 updates
    Error(s) found:
    Code 8007000B Get help"

    Any suggestions with fixing this?

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    Psudo36 Guest
    We actually get a 8007000E

    Try KB article 818018

    might do the trick.

    type it in help and support

    How to troubleshoot problems connecting to Windows Update or to
    Microsoft Update

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    Check this article

    Didn't do the job for me, but it took care of other people's problems

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    If you get this error code when updating from Microsoft this is what to do.

    1:click on start
    2:click on programs
    3:click on accessories
    4:right click on command prompt
    5:click on” run as administer”
    6:type cd “change directory” :\
    7:type :fsutil resource setautoset true c:\
    8:enter should give the response”completed successfully”
    This was given to another poster from Microsoft “worked for me”

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    TaurArian Guest

    Re: Error Code 8007000B with Windows Update in Vista

    Windows Update error 8007000b

    Error message when you try to install updates on a Windows Vista-based
    computer by using Windows Update: "Code 8007000b"

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    Larry Guest

    RE: Error Code 8007000B with Windows Update in Vista

    I had a similar experience. It allowed one of three udates, then failed the
    remaining two. I went to Microsoft at Home and searched the error code
    8007000B and was given a command prompt to enter. I did, and my computer did
    not accept it either. Bottom line- I restarted the computer, went to update
    again, and the last two successfully installed.

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