Hi Can someone please help me with what driver updates do I need to
download and from where for following to work on my WinXP Professional

I checked on the IBM Support site that to Enabling TV-Out in my laptop
i need to do following steps but I don't see these options on my
currect Inter Graphics setup
Setup instructions for Intel Extreme Graphics Chipset

Connect the S-Video cable and audio leads (optional) to the S-Video out
port and audio jack ports as shown below on your ThinkPad system to
your TV.

The S-Video port is typically located on the left side or back of the

Right click a blank area on the desktop and move the mouse arrow down
to Graphics Options, then to Output To as shown below.

Graphics Options > Output To > Inter (R) Dual Display Clone >


Q 1 .... I don;t see 'Television+Notebook' under Inter (R) Dual
Display Clone menu (as mentioned above) All i see is 'Monitor+Notebook'

Q 2 .....Also do't see anything to change the output from NTSC to PAL
under Display Properties > Advanced > Intel R Extreme Grpahics 2 for
Mobile > Graphics Properties

Q 3 .....Do i need to update my Graphis Driver (Which i am bit scared
to do)

Can someone please help

Thanks in Advance