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Error Code: 0x643

Windows Update

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Old 24-08-2008
Join Date: Aug 2008
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I'm getting the same error code when trying to install Windows Search 4.0,..KB940157,....any suggestions ?

i receive error code 0x643 as i failed to update "windows update" (microsoft
..NET Framework 3.0: x86 (KB928416). how to install this in order to get the
update. basically im using xp professional SP3. PLEASE HELP!

I received the same error on the same software. After retrying after a reboot
with same result I went to Microsoft download center, downloaded and
installed .NET 3.0 redistributable, then went back to windows update, which
then offered service pack 1 for .NET 3.0, which it installed successfully.
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Old 25-09-2008
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I found the simple solution and have further resolved this problem with the
help of the following tutorial

You may have missed...

1. Write down what .NET Framework versions are already installed before you
go uninstalling/removing any of them!

How to determine which versions of the .NET Framework are installed and
whether service packs have been applied

2. Now see Resolutions Methods 1 or 2 in
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923100 (ignore the title).
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Old 26-09-2008
Gorodn 540
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RE: error code 0x643

I got 4 downloads today. All downloaded fine but KB928416 will not install
and all I get is error 0x643. It seems that this update has been around for
many months and has caused many previous problems. I have no idea why my PC
should suddenly choose to want to download it now but it is clearly once
again causing problems. Another own goal for Microsoft? "Download our
updates and bugger up your PC" should be their motto. No doubt when they get
round to fixing this latest !!!!up the solution will once again be in Geek
talk and not a lot of good to us mere mortals. God bless them as no one else
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Old 28-09-2008
Dale - SBSguy unleashed
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RE: error code 0x643

As I reviewed and applied information and advice from this thread I realized
that the problem seems to be a False Positive advertisement of this .NET 3.0
update. This is due to .NET 3.0 not being installed. It is not in
Add/Remove; it is not listed in the %systemroot%\\Microsoft.NET\Framework.

So of course if I first install it then any needed update will work.
However this only addresses the system and not the root issue. The .NET 3.0
software isn't needed but yet I've now had to install it merely to quiet a
noisy WU message. That isn't really smart but is a lesser of evils in
spending valuable time chasing that out. Perhaps one of the helpful MVP's
following this will look it this or pass it along the food chain.
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Old 28-09-2008
PA Bear [MS MVP]
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Re: error code 0x643

I dunno. One assumes that .NET Framework 3.0 (SP?) wouldn't be offered by
Windows Update unless there was software installed that required it, Dale.

Then again, who has ever been able to unravel the mysteries of .NET
Framework versions as they relate to Windows and/or installed applications?
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Old 28-09-2008
Posts: n/a
Well I'm sure that something was the trigger but 'what' is a tricky question.
The client isn't of much help. So it is a strange thing that this only
started getting offerred for installation this past Friday as that was the
history of the initial failed installation. WSUS helps so much in giving
specifics such as dates.

After manually downloading the .NET 3.0 package, it installed no problem and
WU was then able to detect and install .NET 3.0 SP1.
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Old 16-08-2009
bamidele badru
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RE: Error code 0x643

"Doc" wrote:

> How do we eliminate this error?
> --
> Jack

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