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Thread: Error number: 0x80240030

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    Tobe Guest

    Error number: 0x80240030

    Upgraded to the latest Zonealarm and now keep getting Error number:
    0x80240030 when trying to get updates and neither of the suggested fixes work.

    Any ideas?

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    Robin Walker [MVP] Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80240030

    If ZoneAlarm caused this, then uninstall ZoneAlarm.

    What "suggested fixes" were they that you have tried?

    80240030 is normally associated with incorrect web proxy settings

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    Lynette Guest
    I am on a home pc no network and have never had problems with manual update
    before but now get this error code when I try to do express update. I can't
    access my update history either, same code. I have tried altering proxy as
    suggested but has no effect. not installed anything new since last update or
    altered windows firewall . Any ideas please?

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    Bencky Guest

    RE: Error number: 0x80240030

    Don't know if this helps but - after trying IE7 beta 2 I had the same
    problem. Then after getting help from Microsoft it went away (so I thought).
    Next upgraded to IE7 beta 3 and the error came back. Norton system works 2006
    said all was fine as did Windows defender. Tried the suggested things on the
    help page with no luck. Gave up and went back to IE6 - still same error code.
    Tried all the things on this groups pages. Error remained. I turned off all
    virus checkers, etc but could not get things to work.
    As a last resort I turned off ONSPEED. Everything returned to normal. So
    there is something in the Onspeed settings that affect the update, but I am
    not clever enough to work that bit out. Any ideas?
    All previous settings, proxy, etc. back to normal as long as Onspeed is off
    when I try the update all is fine.

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    Lynette Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80240030

    I disabled Kaspersky anti virus I am using the Windows Firewall surely that
    must be compatible and then tried again still get the same error. this
    problem started after I installed the Microsoft update software instead of
    previously using Windows update both on automatic and manual. I have tried
    uninstalling it and can now see my history but still cannot download updates
    get the same error number. have now enabled Kaspersky anti-virus as I am not
    happy being on net without it especially as I cannot now get Windows updates!

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    Robin Walker [MVP] Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80240030

    If you are using any form of download accelerator, please disable or
    uninstall it.

    Also, open a command prompt window, type the command


    and copy&paste the results back here.

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    OliverM Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80240030

    Wow, it's a standard recommendation to turn off download accelerators?
    Really? Thats news to me, never seen that mentioned anywhere.

    Not apparent at the Microsoft Update website anyway...not in FAQ nor
    troubleshooting. It mentions pop-up blockers and Active-X, but there is
    nothing on download accelerators.

    Come on, Microsoft, add it to the FAQ section. It would have solved many
    peoples problems at a far earlier stage, looking at the number of problems
    people are having (plus the vast majority who never make it into these
    communities and newsgroups areas of microsoft...)

    Turning off On Speed solved this problem for me...I just wish it had been an
    easier and quicker journey. I actually tried some of the convuluted web proxy
    settings stuff posted elsewhere in this site...I can't believe it!!

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    OliverM Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80240030

    OK, so there is a place within the millions of Microsoft web pages where this
    is mentioned.
    My point was how obscure it is to find. If it is standard knowledge, it
    should be there on the main update page, or at
    least only a couple of clicks away, say in the small FAQ Troubleshooting
    section in order to avoid a search through many e mails wasting valuable
    time. (btw I tried to reach your refered to page from the main update pages,
    the Microsoft Update Troubleshooter, Microsoft Update Support Center, Windows
    Update Newsgroup sections, and could find no way to get there...Lord only
    knows how you found it!! THAT is the problem!!)

    Thank you for your help!!

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    OliverM Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80240030

    BTW, I have had Onspeed for almost a year and until mid june never had any
    problem with MicrosoftUpdate, so never had to switch Onspeed off...what did
    MS do that I DO now have to switch it off????
    THX again

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    MikeB Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80240030

    Thank you for all these posts. I have been using Onspeed for several years
    with no problems until the last couple of months when this error message
    started to appear. Around the same time I upgraded to NIS 2008, with many and
    continuing problems so I wonder if that has had some effect as well. I tried
    following the MS Support suggestions but became steadily frustrated by their
    growing complexity and seeming irrelevance (to a home user). Although the
    updates appear to have been getting through automatically each week, it is
    re-assuring to have found a simple solution to this problem.

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    RodS Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80240030

    Like MikeB I have used Onspeed for several years (probably 7 at least) with
    no problems with Windows Update (or anything else). I have been a little
    tardy this year and not had the chance to do any updates. I received this
    error message and searched for a solution on this Discussion Group.
    Fortunately found this article. Accessed Windows Updates with Onspeed
    disabled. As soon as I switched Onspeed on again then I couldn't access
    Windows Updates. So Microsoft, what have you changed?

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    Diana Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80240030


    0x80240030 translates to WU_E_INVALID_PROXY_SERVER The format of the proxy
    list was invalid

    Have you looked at the two articles listed below:
    957309 Error message when you try to connect to the Windows Update or
    Microsoft Update Web site: "0x80240030";EN-US;957309

    915170 Error message on Windows XP with Windows Update Version 5:
    "0x80240030 Cannot Access Windows Update";EN-US;915170

    Diana Smith [MSFT] <>
    CSS Security Team

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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