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Thread: Fixed Error 0x80072EE2

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    Brian987 Guest

    Fixed Error 0x80072EE2

    I'm getting the 80072EE2 while trying to use Microsoft Update for several
    months now. I've tried all of the suggestions in KB836941, as well as
    changing settings for the MTU size, and consistantly get the same error.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Here is the failing section of the windows
    update log file:

    2006-05-10 14:40:49 1088 460 Agent *************
    2006-05-10 14:40:49 1088 460 Agent ** START ** Agent: Finding updates
    [CallerId = MicrosoftUpdate]
    2006-05-10 14:40:49 1088 460 Agent *********
    2006-05-10 14:40:52 1088 460 PT +++++++++++ PT: Synchronizing server
    updates +++++++++++
    2006-05-10 14:40:52 1088 460 PT + ServiceId =
    {7971F918-A847-4430-9279-4A52D1EFE18D}, Server URL =
    2006-05-10 14:41:55 1088 460 Misc WARNING: Send failed with hr = 80072ee2.
    2006-05-10 14:41:55 1088 460 Misc WARNING: SendRequest failed with hr =
    80072ee2. Proxy List used: <(null)> Bypass List used : <(null)> Auth Schemes
    used : <>
    2006-05-10 14:41:55 1088 460 PT + Last proxy send request failed with hr =
    0x80072EE2, HTTP status code = 0
    2006-05-10 14:41:55 1088 460 PT + Caller provided credentials = No
    2006-05-10 14:41:55 1088 460 PT + Impersonate flags = 0
    2006-05-10 14:41:55 1088 460 PT + Possible authorization schemes used =
    2006-05-10 14:41:55 1088 460 PT WARNING: GetConfig failure, error =
    0x80072EE2, soap client error = 5, soap error code = 0, HTTP status code = 200
    2006-05-10 14:41:55 1088 460 PT WARNING: Sync of Updates: 0x80072ee2
    2006-05-10 14:41:55 1088 460 Agent * WARNING: Failed to synchronize, error
    = 0x80072EE2

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    Robin Walker Guest

    Re: Error 0x80072EE2

    80072ee2 is a "timed-out" web request error.

    What is the nature of your internet connection? Are you behind a corporate
    firewall? Do you normally need to configure proxy settings in Internet
    Explorer, for instance? If so, you need also to tell Windows Update about
    those proxy settings, by using the proxycfg command. Did you try disabling
    all third-party anti-malware products? Did you try disabling any personal
    firewall? Is Norton installed on this PC?
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    Brian987 Guest
    It's a home cable internet connection using a Linksys router (firmware has
    been updated), so no proxies are configured. I do have Microsoft's
    Anti-Spyware and Firewall running, but I get the same result when I've
    disabled them. The only third party security software in McAfee Anti-virus,
    and that doesn't seem to be involved with this problem.

    You receive an "Error 0x80072EE2" or "Error 0x80072EFD" error message
    when you try to use Windows Update;en-us;836941

    I removed the object and ran MU with the same result. I did notice that the
    object was not recreated afterwards, so it's not getting to that point in the

    I assume so. The login to post here works fine, and I haven't run into any
    other problems. Beyond that, is there any way to test a specific https

    Thanks for responding, but as I mentioned in the original question, I have
    tried all of the suggestions in KB836941. Specifically:

    1. I can connect to the internet
    2. Default settings are used on the Windows firewall and I've also tried
    disabling the firewall completely, with no change.
    3. No accelerator programs installed (not needed with cable internet)
    4. Windows update and microsoft update have been added to trusted sites with
    no change.
    5. Host file only caontains an entry for localhost at, and has
    never contained any other entries.
    6. Never had a proxy server configured, but ran the procedure anyway. No
    7. Installed the BITS and WinHTTP update. No change.

    In addition, from other threads, I have changed the MTU size on the router
    using KB314825 method for troubleshooting a black hole router. I did find
    that MTU needed to be below 1472 to send unfragmented, and that change has
    improved internet performance, but Windows Update still is failing.

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    Please remove the Linksys router, and connect your PC directly to the cable
    modem (you will need to reboot the cable modem for your PC to gain service).

    Now try Windows Update/Windows Update - does it work now?

    If WU/MU now works, the problem lies with the Linksys. You don't say what
    model of Linksys you have, but some of them incorporate a "firewall"
    feature, which can block ActiveX downloads. Try turning off the "Firewall
    protection" in the Linksys, and restoring the Linksys between the cable
    modem and PC again (reboot cable modem again).

    1. Running proxycfg I get the "Direct access (no proxy server)." message.

    2. I downloaded an ran the ie-rereg patch, then tried MU before and after
    rebooting. No change.

    Thanks for all the help, this problem is really annoying.

    1. Running the BITS install, I get the message "Setup has detected that the
    Service Pack version of this system is newer that the update you are
    applying. There is no need to install this update." So that patch won't
    install over it.

    2. I tried registering all of the dll you suggested, but MU still fails
    with the same error.

    For all the times I've run MU, the error is stubbornly consistent. There's
    got to be an easy solution to this one.

    I found this thread through a Google search while trying to find a solution myself to this Windows Update error. Even though this thread is old, I thought I'd post what worked for me for others who run across this error. Reading the solutions here and in the MS Knowledgebase didn't sound like they would fit our scenario, so I tried simply removing Microsoft Updates and returning to Windows Updates. You can do this at the Microsoft Updates page under Change Settings. Then run all the Windows Updates alone then return the configuration to perform Microsoft Updates. This simple solution has fixed several mysterious Win Upd problems I've had on various machines and it worked for this error too. Good luck.

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    Robin Walker [MVP] Guest
    That eliminates the Linksys then: one step forward.

    Can you try two more bits of diagnosis:

    1. Open a command prompt window and type the command

    If it says anything other than "Direct access (no proxy server)." on the
    last line of output, then there is something that can be fixed.

    2. Please try "repairing" your IE6 installation by downloading the zip file
    from the page:
    and unzip the contents, and then run the unzipped ie-rereg.cmd at a command
    prompt window.

    Hmmm. Clutching at straws now. Try this somewhat extreme measure:

    Open control panel "Internet Options".
    In "Temporary Internet Files", click "Settings".
    Click "View Objects".
    Right-click on "MUWebControl Class", select "Remove".
    Right-click on "WUWebControl Class", select "Remove".
    Close the window.
    Click OK all the way out of the control panel.

    Then go to Windows Update or Microsoft Update, and the controls should
    re-load afresh.

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    TaurArian [MS-MVP] Guest
    I connected directly to the cable modem, then rebooted the modem and
    computer. I tried Windows Update and got the same error.

    It's failing after the scan, so I.m getting past the ActiveX download and
    validation checks. The Linksys router is model NR041. The logs show
    blocking activity on port 1026 and 1027, but I've not had any problem with it
    blocking ActiveX controls.

    The URL that your updater chokes on is a secure "https", rather than an
    "http" one, according to the log you posted in an earlier post. Can you
    verify that your IE6 browser is capable of working on other "https" secure

    CONFIRMED FIX: Its because windows genuine is failing to complete because your time and date aren't set correctly, try setting the date to the proper date, then updating your time from either the windows timeserver or

    Another straw/s - do you have Bits 2 installed?


    Re-register the WU components:

    net stop wuauserv

    regsvr32 wuapi.dll
    regsvr32 wups.dll
    regsvr32 wuaueng.dll
    regsvr32 wuaueng1.dll
    regsvr32 wucltui.dll
    regsvr32 wuweb.dll
    regsvr32 MSXML3.dll
    regsvr32 qmgr.dll
    regsvr32 qmgrprxy.dll
    regsvr32 jscript.dll

    net start wuauserv

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    I had a variant of the same problem - I could access MS update and a few other https sites while connected directly to my DSL modem, but not wirelessly through the router. Tried several of the fixes mentioned above, finally succeeded by changing the MTU on my Netgear mr814v2 from 1500 to 1492. Bingo. Thanks to all for the good information in this forum.

    Try this to fix the problem.
    I installed just a few windows updates when I received the error so I went back and started uninstalling the updates I just got and as soon as I uninstalled the first one I was able to get updates without any errors.
    The update I believe is causing the problem is

    Security Update for Outlook Express for Windows XP (KB941202)

    Uninstall it and try your windows update again.

    I too found this thread through a google search, and the post quoted below fixed my problems. (Although I also had to undo another fix I had tried, where I enabled SSL 2.0).

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    Re: Fixed Error 0x80072EE2

    Upon installing a fresh copy of SBS 2003 R2, Microsoft Updates would not work. Upon changing the MTU from 1500 to 1492 on our corporate firewall, the updates section began working for the first time using IE6.

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