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0x8024002D Error During OfficeXP Update

Windows Update

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Old 11-04-2006
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0x8024002D Error During OfficeXP Update

Does anyone know how to solve this?

I get an error 0x8024002D because update is trying to find some file. It
cannot find it in the directory its supposed to be, so it asks me for an
Office XP disc. I provide the disc, but it cannot find it there either.
Once I cancel the update i get the above error message.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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Old 11-04-2006
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Error Code: 0x8024002D
means - a full-file patch failed because the source was required

1. You could repair your Office XP installation and try the patch again.
2. Leave the Office XP cd in the installation drive and try the patch again.
3. Download the full updates and install them.

Description of the differences between repair and reinstall in Office XP and

Note You can also perform a Repair procedure from any of the Office programs
by clicking Detect and Repair on the Help menu. This procedure is the same
procedure that is performed when you click the Detect and repair errors in my
Office installation command in Maintenance mode.

Please note that all installed Office XP programs are detected and repaired
at the same time. It's easy and quite quick really. Make sure you have your
Office XP CD in the installation drive.

Office XP Updates - manual download and installation

IMHO I would just repair Office and then try MS Updates again.

please resolve this issue. problem in update, and microsoft outlook some times
for outgoing messages. please suggestion to solve the problem.
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Old 11-04-2006
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RE: 0x8024002D Error During OfficeXP Update

Option 1: Office XP is comprised of at least 5 major applications, but the
error code does not allow to isolate the error to any one application. That
means that I would have to repair every single Office application (Excel,
Word, Outlook, Access and Powerpoint). While this solution is possible, it
is not very practical.

Option 2: I ran a search through the Office XP CD and the file is not found
on it. Is there a particular directory on the CD that I should point the
browser to?

Option 3: How do I download the full update when the update process itself
is controlled by the ActiveX control?
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Old 14-05-2009
Tundra Rose
Posts: n/a
Using Office Pro 2007, ran Diagnose & Repair (fixed 1 unidentified file),
still get same error message. Update trying to install Office 2002 SP3 (?!)
and can't find file PRORET.MSI in SYSTEM 32 or on install cd (in drive as
requested by update). Also fails to manually install.

Also see...

Description of the update for Office 2003 (December 9, 2008)
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Old 23-05-2010
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Re: 0x8024002D Error During OfficeXP Update

See: Error message when you try to install updates from the Windows
Update or Microsoft Update Web site: "0x8024002D"

" This problem may occur if one or more of the following conditions are
* Windows Installer encounters a reference to a drive that no longer
exists or a reference to a removable media device that does not contain
readable data. For example, this problem may occur if Windows Installer
encounters a reference to an empty CD or DVD drive.
* You try to install service packs or updates for Microsoft Office programs.
* The Component Based Servicing (CBS) manifest is corrupted. "
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