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Thread: Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) install fails

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    SAinCA Guest

    Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) install fails

    EVERY TIME I try Windows Update this "tool" is REQUIRED. I say "Download and
    Install", it says "FAILED!". This happens EVERY TIME!

    Would an MVP PLEASE help... This is my second "plead" and I've endured this
    failure for over a month with NO resolution..

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    Alias Guest
    Did you disable your anti virus' auto scan before attempting to install WGA?

    Some virus scanners can't be disabled that easy.
    If you virus protection has a script protection-turn that off.
    Then update.
    Turn it back on

    have just had the same problem, went to
    and validated online and am now able to update windows

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    I think this is some kind of stupid joke if you
    right click on the properties it's really nothing. Just a stupid joke the
    internet is running . And I ignor it from now on. If they don't mind it
    sitting there like junk. Than I don't either. I still get automatic updates
    but this KB892130 tool is junk to me.

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    Dmonn Guest
    This worked for me too! My Windows Update no longer tries to download the "genuine advantage" update, then fails, over and over again. This link resolved it. Thanks yc!! FYI to all, the actual button to validate your version of Windows is here -->

    I haven't used this computer for a few months and am just bringing it back to life with a bunch of updates, and have removed bad programs like Zone Alarm and other hogs. Maybe that has something to do with the problem. Most users probably are asked to validate their version before downloading & installing the other 9 updates I just got through?... That is my guess.

    Firstly I gone with Firefox and downloaded this file but it didn't work. After that I tried with IE and it worked out. So, don't downloaded it locally. Install with IE from the site.

    I just use MBSA to get updates.

    Too bad though that Live OneCare keeps reminding me that I need to download
    critical updates when in fact 'Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool
    (KB892130)' isn't critical at all.

    You only need to install KB892130 if you update via Windows Update website.

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    WillLik Guest

    RE: Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) install f

    None of those worked for me.
    Solved! What I did was to search in Windows for anything named "892130"
    I found the files in:
    I then right clicked the inf file and hit install.
    Then I executed the update.exe file and rebooted.
    Voila (That's pronounced Voweelah here in the south)
    Upon rebooting update site did it's thing very well.
    Hope this helps folks.

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    James Guest

    Re: Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) install f

    It should be noted that the website has changed ... as of April 1,
    2010, navigate to the following page for online validation:

    This should work for most issues of this type.

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    PA Bear [MS MVP] Guest

    Re: Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) install f

    [Why are you replying to a thread from October 2005?]

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