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Thread: Installation Failure Error Code: 0x80070641

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    Kym Guest

    Installation Failure Error Code: 0x80070641

    I was trying to install this update Office XP Service Pack 3 and received the
    above error code. Does anyone know what I should do or why I received this


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    Carey Frisch [MVP] Guest
    Download and install SP3 directly. Download the "Full File" titled:
    OfficeXpSp3-kb832671-fulefile-enu.exe (58925 KB).

    Office XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)

    Save the file to your hard drive, then open and run it.

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    Matt Guest

    Re: Installation Failure Error Code: 0x80070641

    I have the same error code. I tried the full install of SP3 but the package
    reported that the entire content of the update was already installed in a
    previous, larger update. I'm still getting the same error message when I try
    to run windows update. My last successful update was on 14-September. I next
    tried on 23-September and started getting the error message. I have tried
    several times since then to no avail. Incidentally, and probably coneected,
    Everytime I try to install any Office addons or any other software full
    install or update (including various utilities, HP printer software, etc.) I
    get an installation failure with reference to an unavailable MSIEXEC.exe
    program. It states that one possible cause for the failure is that Windows is
    operating in safe mode, which is not the case. I suspected that all of these
    programs use the MS installer and that the installer was somehow corrupted. I
    have performed troubleshooting, checking log files and registry values per
    the Knowledge base recommendations (when searched using "msiexec.exe"). I
    even used the redistributable msiexec.exe package for XP to reinstall but I
    still get the same error message. It appears that the msiexec.exe package is
    installing correctly but it suddenly goes from less than half progress to
    finished in a blink of an eye but does not resolve the problem. Other details
    that might help: I'm running Windows XP professional, fully legit and
    authenticated, Office Professional 2003, fully legit and authenticated, I
    have all of the installation CDs, I have my computer set to autoupdate, I
    also update "religiously" about once a week with custom option to look for
    third party drivers or optional updates that might improve performance, I use
    Windows firewall, Mcaffee Antivirus, updated automatically and scanned once a
    week, several spyware and adware detection/removal programs including MS's
    Beta spyware program. Until now this has been a very healthy and robust
    system. Do you have any suggestions that I can try? I've tried to reinstall
    the office software and even the operating system but it wont even allow
    that. In the case of the office software it reports the msiexec.exe
    unavailable error. For the operating system it want reinstall because it
    reports that the existing system is newer than the system on the CD. I'd
    appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks, Matt

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    Matt Guest

    Re: Installation Failure Error Code: 0x80070641

    Correction for the previous query: I tried the full install of SP2 not SP3
    for Office 2003. There is no SP3 yet. My office programs report that the
    version installed is Office 2003 SP1.

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    Bob Twigg Guest
    I have the same error. I am on Windows 2000, and Office 2003 Pro. The problem
    started with trying to upgrade from Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 to live
    version. Various uninstall and install suggestions from MS just made a mess
    of my system.

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    LD55ZRA Guest

    Re: Installation Failure Error Code: 0x80070641

    Click Start, click Run, type msiexec /Unregister

    (check service -It must be gone after above command.)

    Then type msiexec /regserver

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