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Thread: ERROR 0×8007041D!!! solved

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    Dmoz Guest

    ERROR 0×8007041D!!! solved

    I had the same problem and after searching I end up in my
    firewall....make sure the "svchost" (Generic Host Process for Win32 Services)
    is filtered and not BLOCKED!! then try ur luck again.Im working with win2k
    and mcAfee

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    bigbore454 Guest

    RE: ERROR 0×8007041D!!! solved

    I just checked, mine is marked "Allow full access". Soooo, that does not
    solve the 0X8007041D problem and I am also running win2k and McAfee.

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    TaurArian [MVP] Guest
    Check in the Event Viewer to see if there is any specific errors regarding services

    In my case it was wups.dll in
    folder. After removing this file, windowsupdate works great.

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    Re: ERROR 0×8007041D!!! solved

    Im pretty new to this forum, so Im really sorry if this has been answered before, I cant understand some of the answers!
    My computer does do the updates, then I have to restart, it tries to install them, then it says it cant and it is reverting the changes! this can take up to a hour, and when you need your computer 1 hour can seem like a long time! The error code is 8007041D.
    Further to what someone said in another thread, I went to event viewer and this says MMC Could not create the snap-in, the snap in might not have been installed properly. needless to say I have no idea what the snap in is!

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