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Thread: Update errors (0x8024402f)

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    Mick Guest

    Update errors (0x8024402f)

    I was getting error 0x80072eef while performing windows update, however, I
    have followed article ID 885819 and now get an error 0x8024402f but can't
    find any info on this anywhere.

    We are using a Windows 2000 Server running ISA Server 2000, anybody got any
    ideas ?

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    TaurArian [MVP] Guest
    see if this posting helps

    Update ............ I am know getting 0x80072eef again !!!!!!!!!!

    I spotted this one ............ no joy I'm affraid I tried all the
    suggestions. Same problem.

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    TaurArian [MVP] Guest
    This error code translates to ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT. This could be caused by
    firewall software blocking the Windows Update Site. This error may occur when the
    client PC tries to resolve a URL for the Windows Update site and is unable to find
    the correct IP
    searching for available updates on the Update site, you see the 0x80072EE7 error may receive an error message when you
    search for available updates on the Windows Update Web site0x80072EE7 error

    This is very strange, it is definatly something to do with the ISA Server as
    if I run an update any boxes in the DMZ (that don't use the ISA Server)
    everything works fine.
    I've followed the links you copied are nothing is relevant. This has onlt
    started happening since the new Windows Update went live.

    Not sure if this will be of assistance

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    Mick Guest

    Re: Update errors (0x8024402f)

    No joy either .... we are using win2k workstations, however, I did have a
    look but no fix found. It is something on the ISA server is causing the
    problems, since the new Windows Update.

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    Mick Guest

    Re: Update errors (0x8024402f)

    I have found a work around for now. Through the Windows Update, user Admin
    Options, Windows Update Catalog and I get an option for the old Windows
    Update on the left hand pain ....................... it works, how long this
    will last I don't know.
    Has the new Updater been tested with the ISA Server 2000 proxy config ? I
    have eliminated a problem with AV software (McAfee), Web Filter and firewall
    (checkpoint & watchguard), so it still points towards being a problem with
    the ISA Server ............... any more ideas ?

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    computers0825 Guest

    Re: Update errors (0x8024402f)

    Hello Mick I get the same exact error 0x802202f in windows xp pro. I have
    been given suggestions and have been e-mailing with microsoft back and fourth
    for 3 weeks now to no avail. none of the posts here seem to help either

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    computers0825 Guest

    Re: Update errors (0x8024402f)

    i'm sorry that was erro 0x8024402f anyway I wish someone would come up with a
    solution on here, they should have microsoft read these they could probably
    help better.

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    Mick Guest

    Re: Update errors (0x8024402f)

    I have now sorted it ...... at last, it was a day of head scratching and hair
    pulling but got there in the end. We use an NT Domain on site aswell as a
    Netware login and to confuse things a little more we use a seperate Proxy
    login for the internet via the ISA server. The username and password are the
    same for all accounts, however, the password for the internet proxy account
    is different for all users. When I changed the internet proxy password to the
    same as the Domain login password everything worked .......... hoorah !!! I
    guess the Update checks to see that the proxy login has rights to the local
    workstation, or something like that.

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    TaurArian [MVP] Guest

    Re: Update errors (0x8024402f)

    Have you looked at this article;en-us;885819
    You experience problems when you access the Windows Update Version 5 or Version 6 Web
    site through a server that is running ISA Server

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    computers0825 Guest

    Re: Update errors (0x8024402f)

    we don't have any of those settings, we run a workgroup. I wish someone
    would come up with a solution that works

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    Re: Update errors (0x8024402f)

    I get the same issue. I think that it is more a desktop issue. Try if you can, download IE6 SP1 and reinstall all components. reboot. sign in. try update. success/fail does not matter, reboot again.
    As crazy as it sounds. I have successfully made 3 w2k machines connect and update.

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    On my system, this error was caused by a setting I had enabled on my Linksys firewall/router to Filter ActiveX controls. The Microsoft updater requires a ActiveX control to scan your system.

    Try turning off the setting on the router using the router's admin application and try Windows Update again.

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    error: 0x8024402f

    Para resolver o problema, execute as seguintes etapas:
    :1. Download and reinstall version 6 of

    the Windows Update ActiveX control. Para fazer isto, execute as seguintes etapas::a. Visite o

    seguinte site da Microsoft (em inglês):


    b. Salvar o pacote em área de trabalho, e clique extrair os arquivos para uma pasta

    c. Abra a pasta Temp, clique com o botão direito do mouse Wusetup.inf , e seguida, clique

    Instalar .

    2. Reinicie o computador.
    3. Visite o site Windows Update ou o site Microsoft Update. Se o problema ainda não for

    resolvido, siga estas etapas:a. Clique em Iniciar , clique Executar , tipo Explorer , e

    depois clique OK

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    Re: Update errors (0x8024402f)

    The error code related to windows update is some sort of connectivity issue that needs to be troubleshooted. So for that verify Internet connectivity and for that make sure that you can successfully access other websites. If you cannot successfully access other websites, your Internet connection may not be working correctly, and you might want to contact your Internet service provider for help.

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