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Error number: 0xC8000408

Windows Update

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Old 13-07-2005
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Error number: 0xC8000408


does anyone know anything about error 0xC8000408? What should I do?
It appears when I try to find out if there are any new updates available for
me - when I press "Express" or "Custom" button or when I try to reinstall
Windows Updating software...
Thanks in advance for any help.


Old 16-07-2005
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RE: Error number: 0xC8000408

We just solved this error on one of our servers. Apparently the security
policies that were created for the C: drive was incorrect. The SYSTEM group
was not given Full access and rights to the machine.

If *right click* on C: Drive and go to *properties*. Open up the *security*
tab. Add the group SYSTEM and give it permissions to everything, it should
be able to solve the problem

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Old 16-07-2005
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It works. Thank you very much Kevin. It took me 2 days to find a solution then Kevin post was like the right magic wand! Thank so much
Old 16-06-2006
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RE: Error number: 0xC8000408

I had the same exact issue. Utilizing a file access monitor, I was able to
narrow down what may be causing this issue. It appears that something's hung
up w/a db file windows update uses... but not 100% sure, as I can't reproduce
it now that I fixed it... I simply had to stop the "Automatic Updates"
service (as I suspicioned it had the db open), and it all works now!


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Old 12-07-2006
Michael Schultz
Posts: n/a
I had this issue and adding system with full control over C didn't work.
(Citrix box with local lockdown policies seemed to be the issue but couldn't
ID the problem) Ultimately, stoping AU and trying the scan again worked like
a champ.

By default, the everyone group will have full rights. If the above
ideas don't work, stop automatic updates in services. Rename the
%system%/softwaredistribution folder and start the automatic updates
service. Quick, simple, fun!
Old 20-10-2007
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Re: Error number: 0xC8000408

I have the same screwy error and it seems to be a problem with permissions
but no matter what i try, i can't get it to work. This effects all my
microsoft updates including defender and stuff. I don't have a separate virus
program running just microsoft stuff. Is microsoft so bad that its own
programs are not compatable with each other? You would think that since this
problem has been around for awhile that they would get off their lazy butts
and fix the problem, nope typical microsft. They put out stuff with known
bugs and don't bother to fix them. I could contact support, but oh wait they
want to charge me to tell me they don't know how to fix it. They did manage
to fix it so i have to use the update program instead of going to the web
page for updates. So thanks for screwing everyone by taking away our ability
to manually update our pc's to fix problems you created, way to go screw the
Old 18-12-2008
Join Date: Dec 2008
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Re: Error number: 0xC8000408

Thanks all!
I have an ancient Windows 2000 machine which had refused to auto-update for more than a year, but now it works again!

I did all of the above:
1) Added the user SYSTEM with every privilege to C: and subs (even though the "Everyone" meta-user already had full access... I thought, "what the heck")
2) Stopped the "Automatic Updates" service
3) Renamed the C:\WINNT\SoftwareDistribution folder
4) Started the "Automatic Updates" service again
.. and lo and behold, it started downloading immediately!
Old 02-06-2010
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Re: Error number: 0xC8000408

I too had this error and followed the advice above, but I do not have a "Security" tab when I right click on C: drive. Is that a problem in itself??

I am running OS: Windows XP Home

Any suggestions?
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