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Thread: Windows Update error: 8024402F

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    frankp Guest

    Windows Update error: 8024402F

    In Windows Update I select Express (with Custom it's the same), view the
    message "Checking for latest updates for your computer", then obtain the
    [Error number: 0x8024402F]

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    Johnny Guest

    Re: Windows Update error: 8024402F

    Did you ever figure this out? I have a ticket open with MS for this
    exact issue and got this reply:

    This issue may be caused by the following factors.

    1. Internet Explorer temporary files corrupted.
    2. Windows Update Engine corrupted.
    3. Several third party programs running in background.
    4. Spyware.

    I suggest we access Windows Update website with Internet Explorer first
    to test this issue.

    Then, let's take the following steps to do the troubleshooting:

    Step 1: Clean the Temporary Internet Files
    1. Click Internet Options on the Tools menu in Internet Explorer.

    2. Click the General tab, click Clear History in the History area, and
    then click OK in the dialog box that appears.

    3. In the Temporary Internet Files area, click Delete Files and then
    click OK.
    Note: If you select the item "Delete all offline content", this will
    delete all the files which are needed to browse the Internet website
    when you are offline.

    4. In the Temporary Internet Files area, click Delete Cookies, and then
    click OK in the dialog box that appears.

    Note: Removing these files will remove automatic login information
    which is stored within these files that allow you to login to Internet
    sites, so be sure that you have this recorded or written down somewhere
    else if you are concerned about this.

    5. In the Temporary Internet Files area, click Settings button, and
    click View Objects button.

    6. Delete all the files.

    7. Close all the files and reboot the computer to check the issue

    Step 2: Use Ad-aware to remove spyware.
    1. Download and install Ad-Aware from this page

    2. Click Start -> All Programs -> "Lavasoft Ad-aware SE Personal" ->
    "Ad-Aware SE Personal" to start Ad-Aware.
    (Note: If there is a popup box asking whether or not check definition
    update, please click OK and click Connect. Click OK to download and
    install the latest definition, and then click Finish.)

    3. Click the Start button in the Ad-Aware window, and then click Next
    to start the scan.
    4. After the scan is finished, click Next, click the check boxes on the
    "Critical Objects" tab to select them, click Next, and the click OK to
    confirm the removal.

    The third-party products discussed above are manufactured by companies
    that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied
    or otherwise, regarding the performance or reliability of these

    Step 3: Disable the software that can affect Windows Update.
    The local Windows Update engine can be affected by some third party

    Please temporarily disable all antivirus components, Web Trap component
    of PC-cillin, Surfin Guard Pro, download accelerators/enhancements,
    Download Accelerator Plus, spyware applications and other similar

    Step 4: Reinstall Windows Update Engine
    Please download and install the latest Windows Update Engine with the
    following link.

    The link didn't work for me on the machine I'm having problems with -
    had to grab it from a different machine and copy it over. This server
    isn't supposed to go into production for another week, I'll probably
    just reinstall the OS. Hope this helps.

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    t2mustang Guest

    Re: Windows Update error: 8024402F

    That is not the answer.
    I am reinstalling a system fresh.
    Reformatted and update does not work, I get error:0x8024402F .
    I have Computers all do the same thing now.
    Started a month or so back..
    Never ahd any issues before, and now that I see it does it on fresh install
    I see it is a MS issue..

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    hisnib Guest

    RE: Windows Update error: 8024402F


    I completed all tasks listed in this thread as well as the update for BITS
    (KB842773) to no avail... I guess we have to hope to hear back from MS
    support on this.

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    t2mustang Guest
    I did a Firmware Update on my Router, even though it was same version number.
    Then it started working fine.

    I got around it by using another dns server. try

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    Keiffer Guest

    Re: Windows Update error: 8024402F

    I've followed all the steps listed in Johnny's reply. And still I get the
    0x8024402f error, grrr!! Even used the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2
    to determine which updates were missing. I'm now up to date, no thanks to the
    Windows Update function. I had in the region of 20 updates to download and
    install along with all the associated reboots.

    Strange thing with the MBSA is it suggests the Update Rollout 1 is missing.
    However, both the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs and the
    HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/HotFix registry key lists
    the update as being present. So something is not too happy!

    Reinstalling the entire OS is not exactly an option. And, to be honest, I
    shouldn't need to!! I do believe MS need to research this, as I can't believe
    we are the only four or so people to have had this issue. I must admit, I've
    seen far more problems with the Windows Update site of late than in the last
    number of years. Are the developers losing the plot? I don't know what OS the
    original query relates to but mine is Windows 2000, and that should not stop
    the developers providing fixes. Or, are they just trying to surreptitiously
    move everyone onto XP?

    Bottom line is I can no longer rely on Windows Update and that's not a good
    position to be in. I'm also having to be rather a tad more cautious in work
    too. Some machines there have failed to perform updates correctly. And if we
    can't trust the Windows Update, where does that leave us regards security?

    I do hope we see a resolution to this issue.

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    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\) Guest

    Re: Windows Update error: 8024402F

    He found this from running MBSA 1.2.1

    There are specific version checker programs for both components:

    How to check for MDAC version

    Determine the Version of MSXML Parser Installed on a Computer

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    Daniel Brown Guest

    Re: Windows Update error: 8024402F

    I had this same issue and tried everything that had been suggested. I then
    checked our router which has an option to block compressed files. Disabled
    this and it worked!!!! At Last!!

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    Loppy The Freak Guest

    RE: Windows Update error: 8024402F

    This got me thinking about this problem and I turned off my blocking of bad
    sites(for the kids protection) which included nasty names and swear words in
    my netgear router and hey presto, updates are all updating as i type. The
    computer was only purchased last week , running XP but it happened to my
    other computer running Vista, so thanks for jogging my memory about firmware
    updates.. It reset all your configurations and unblocked blocked sites..

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    Mark SBS Guest

    Re: Windows Update error: 8024402F

    After hours of searching the web and testing everything on 5 vista business
    machines i found this comment and would you beleive it it was my router also!
    Good man for posting your findings.

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    MowGreen Guest

    Re: Windows Update error: 8024402F

    Wow, your router is what caused the updating issue on Daniel Brown's
    system ? That's some *mighty powerful* router you have.

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