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Error number: 0x800A1391

Windows Update

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Old 30-06-2005
Rick G.
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Error number: 0x800A1391

I'm getting this error message and just before that it flashes something about
Active X. It flashes too fast to read.

Any ideas?

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Old 30-06-2005
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I had all of these Trusted Sites defined but they did not help. What I found
was the "Make sure your firewall isn't blocking Windows Update" warning was
more relevent to this problem.

I run ZoneAlarmPro and, normally, when a site is blocked by ZA in some way,
ZA raises a Privacy Alert. However, in this case, the various trusted
Microsoft sites involved in the current Windows Update system did NOT raise a
privacy alert that ZA was inhibiting ActiveX or Scripts from running (my
default). When I enabled these 2 code items in ZA for the sites
- download.windowupdate.com (NOTE the 's' missing from 'windowsupdate' -
don't ask me why)
and for
- support.microsoft.com,
Windows Update started to behave more normally (without any error), although
WU now wants to download a new Update system.

The fact that I was not warned ZA was blocking code from the WU sites is
probably a fault in ZoneAlarm, perhaps related to Trusted sites. Other
Privacy alerts were displaying at the time for microsoft sites, but not code
Privacy alerts. I will report it to ZoneLabs.
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Old 16-07-2005
Posts: n/a
RE: Error number: 0x800A1391

I have a resolve for this problem.
I am running Zone alarm Pro. De activate zone alarm, the immediatley do your
down load for xp or office, the immediatley re activate zone alarm. This
works every time, I am in dialogue with zone alarm to get a resolve to this
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Old 23-07-2005
Posts: n/a
Error number: 0x800A1391

When trying to open Windows Update, I get the following message: The website
has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view.
The options provided below might help you solve the problem. Error number:

I can't discover what that error is!
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Old 26-07-2005
John D
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RE: Error number: 0x800A1391

I think Garry C has got it right;ZA seems to be trhe problem,which not only
occurs in WU but also when getting extentions for Firefox.Grant suggests
turning off ZA..it only takes a sort time for nasties to invade your
computer!!!I found that in ZA goto Privacy and temporarily switch Mobile Code
Control to 'off ' while accessing WU works for me;remember to switch back on
when finished!!
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Old 29-07-2005
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RE: Error number: 0x800A1391

I asked this question in the Zonelabs-forum and this works! Go to your ZASS
Privacy Site List, click on the 'add' button, then enter
update.microsoft.com (if it isn't already there) and click 'ok'. Now locate
the new entry on the Site List, right click on it, then select 'options'.
Next go through all three tabs to uncheck everything that is checked clicking
'apply' as you go through. Finally clean your browser cache and try the site

BTW, it is Mobile Code control blocking the ActiveX object.
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Old 01-09-2005
Tony Rony
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RE: Error number: 0x800A1391

Yes, "Awake" had the answer for me. I'd normally be at least a little
hesitant to make the types of changes that Awake recommended, but since I do
trust the Microsoft Update site (for now, anyway (kidding)), I did as Awake
suggested and just wanted all to know that it worked like a charm.

Good job, Awake. I appreciate the tip!
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Old 01-09-2005
Posts: n/a
RE: Error number: 0x800A1391

You're very welcome Tony Rony... ;-)
Glad to be of help, but I have to extend this appreciation to a guy named
Bill from Atlanta Georgia, who put me on the right track.
He's a member of the ZoneLabs forum.

Btw: You can avoid these 'mobile code' problems by disabeling the mobile
code-protection all together.
But be aware of vicious websites that try to install an ActiveX-control on
your machine.
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Old 23-09-2005
Posts: n/a
RE: Error number: 0x800A1391

Yep he got it right i finally got to update my windows i tried everything and
when i saw the stuff about zone alarm well i got to update and d/load msn
messenger have been trying for a month so thanks for all the support to all
the pros cause i am puter dumb lol
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Old 09-11-2005
Posts: n/a
RE: Error number: 0x800A1391

Excellent! This cleared up my problem. I was being blocked from several
"download" sites...including places like cnet.com or other services such as
yousendit. I thought by turning off the ZoneAlarm firewall I would be
bypassing the entire ZoneAlarm set of controls. This assumption was
incorrect. I also needed to turn off the "mobile code control" under the
privacy tab to get my downloads flowing.

Thanks for the real information!
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Old 24-03-2007
Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 1
Anybody still in the area?

But what if I don't have a firewall running? I had, but disliked ZA, so I uninstalled it. I use WIndows Defender and the standard Windows Firewall, but don't usually have either running, as I am rarely online, and then only to update.

I have disabled Antivirus services (AVG Free)

I have all of the relevant MS sites in my trusted zone already.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled DotNet 2.0

Same for Java - out, back in.

I noticed a while back that the information bar stopped working when I was at the Microsoft download sites, so I was forced to use the "Alternative Method" to validate. No, I get another error message, that the tool could not be run (Error: 0x80072ee7 but I'll save that one for another area)

In lieu of all of the above mentioned conditions, is there anyone out there who can assist?
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Old 03-07-2007
Posts: n/a
RE: Error number: 0x800A1391

Have now tried installing with Z/A switched off, but did not work.

My problem started last week. Strange thing was windows monthly automatic up
dates loaded as normal. It is only the manual selected up dates that won't
install after finding and selecting to install.

What date does the Microsoft monthly updates get released in Australia?
Thinking of doing a reinstall prior to then. I think we had a defender auto
install since then and that must have installed?
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Old 03-07-2007
Robert Aldwinckle
Posts: n/a
Re: Error number: 0x800A1391

How do you know that they *should* install? Perhaps they have been superseded
by others that you already have installed?

What do the logs say about your install attempts?

BTW without their context error codes are generally useless.
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Old 04-07-2007
Posts: n/a
Re: Error number: 0x800A1391

Robert A - They are current and not super Media Player 11 & Explorer 7 are
both later updates than 10 and 6 of both the above which are on my computer
and the error number displayed is the subject for this posting.
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Old 05-07-2007
Posts: n/a
RE: Error number: 0x800A1391

Fixed ???? I think Explorer 7 is the culprit. Have re-installed with download
program on hard disk after complete un-instal. It was very slow to load. It
wasn't until I had a complete reinstal that it worked to allow manual updates
and number disappeared. Repair program tries did not work.

I now have another problem in that E7 has slowed my computer and it is
leaving a problem on closing. It has to close automatically but now needs a
button push.
"Access violation at address 02050200 in module iesdsg.dll Read of address

Some research has shown it to be Spyware Doctor. I am yet to confirm this.
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