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    gettin that error code when ever windows update starts up

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    Pat Walters [MSFT] Guest

    Re: 0x80070570


    Is this error on the Windows Update website, or in your log? We need a
    little more information. Would you mind telling us:

    1. Which operating system are you running?
    A. Windows XP?
    B. Windows 2000?
    C. Windows Server 2003?
    D. Windows ME?
    E. Windows 98?

    2. If Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows Server 2003, which Service Pack?
    You can find this here:
    A. Right-Click on My Computer
    B. Click on Properties
    C. Look at the Operating System listed on the General tab for the words:
    "Service Pack"

    3. Did Windows Update work before in your current configuration?
    A. Are you now using a proxy server? If so, which one?
    B. Was there any change to your network configuration recently?
    C. Were any software applications loaded onto your network that might
    D. Where did you see this error?

    If this reproduces consistently, would you mind trying it again one more
    time and then pasting the relevant entries from the log? Here's how:

    - In these instructions, keys on the keyboard are wrapped, such as: <Enter>,
    so an instruction of: Type: cmd <Enter> means type the three letters cmd and
    then press <Enter>.
    - Combinations such as <Ctrl>+<S> mean to hold the <Ctrl> while then
    pressing the <S>.

    On Windows XP:
    1. Close all Internet browsers, but maintain connection to the Internet
    2. Open a single Internet Explorer window.
    3. On the menu bar, click Tools
    4. Look now at the system clock, and let the minute move forward one.
    5. Quickly click the "Windows Update" link.
    6. If offered the choice (and we assume somewhere along here it fails):
    a. Accept new "Windows Update" software for scanning your system.
    b. Choose "Custom Install" instead of "Express Install"
    c. If presented with updates, uncheck all but one (your choice)
    d. Click Install to install that one update.
    7. Close the Internet Explorer window.
    8. Click Start
    9. Click Run
    10. Type: %WINDIR%\WindowsUpdate.log <Enter> (note that there are no quotes
    needed, and no space between Windows and Update.)
    11. Next, when the log has opened, scroll all the way down to the hour and
    minute where the attempt was started in step 4. Click at the beginning of
    the line to leave the cursor there.
    12. Verify the cursor is at the beginning of the correct time, then select
    the rest of the log.
    a. Either press <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<End>, or
    b. Click and drag with the mouse down and to the right, scrolling.
    13. When all is selected, copy this part of the log by pressing <Ctrl>+<C>
    14. Reply back to this posting.
    15. When the reply opens, tell us what update you were attempting to
    install, and where you believed you hit the failure. For example:
    a. While attempting to reach the Windows Update website?
    b. After reaching the website, but then failed while scanning for
    c. After successfully reaching the website, scanning for updates, and
    after being offered updates, but then failed while attempting to install
    16. Please type in the reply: Log entries follow:
    17. Then paste the log results by pressing <Ctrl>+<V>
    18. Verify everything is in the reply, and post the reply. I'll be happy to
    take a look at it.

    Windows 2000 (the functionality and log are slightly different):
    Follow the instructions above, but with these minor changes:
    6 b. Choose "Scan for Updates" <--There is no choice in v4.
    10. Type: "%WINDIR%\Windows Update.log" <Enter> (note: Please do not forget
    the quotes or the space between Windows and Update.)

    Windows 98 and Millenium Edition:
    Please follow the instructions for Windows 2000 with one important
    10. Type: "%WINBOOTDIR%\Windows Update.log" <Enter> (note: Please do not
    forget the quotes or the space between Windows and Update.)


    Pat Walters [MSFT]

    "0x80070570" <> wrote in message
    > gettin that error code when ever windows update starts up

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