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Thread: Here is a fix for 0x80072F78

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    Carl K Guest

    Here is a fix for 0x80072F78

    Thought I would share this...

    I can take any new PC coming into our business rebuild it from the ground up
    with XP w/SP1 and the first time I go to WindowsUpdates I'll install the
    updated software, and when I try to proceed, the Installation of BITS 2.0
    will fail. So... I'll install it manually using KB842773.

    Then, I'll reboot and go right back to WindowsUpdate and will get 0x80072F78.

    What doesn't work:
    1. Any of the suggestions in KB836985
    2. KB838893
    3. If I try to run KB871260, I get an error that I must be on IE6 with SP1
    (which I am)

    I am running (and only running):
    - Windows XP with Service Pack 1
    - IE6 ver 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.040919-1003 with 128 bit cipher and SP1 and
    Q823353 updates

    What does work, but I have to do EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO TO WindowsUpdate.
    - Stop the automatic updates service
    - Delete the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder
    - Restart the Automatic Updates Service.

    Let me reiterate... this works once... if I install something from WU, the
    next time I visit, I'll get 0x80072F78 and have to repeat the above
    process... so I wouldn't categorize this as a fix.

    After fooling around with this for too long, my ISA firewall admin and I
    played around with the firewall settings. We found that if you set allow
    anonymous access to on the firewall, the
    problems go away. I hope this helps someone.

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    Aegee Guest

    Re: Here is a fix for 0x80072F78

    thank you carl,

    your steps resolved my issues with the incomplete update.

    thanks again for sharing

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    Re: Here is a fix for 0x80072F78

    You are the best!!! Worked for me too!!!!

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    Re: Here is a fix for 0x80072F78

    Hi Carl

    Plz can you give me a bit more detail on the solution,I am running Winxp SP3.


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    Re: Here is a fix for 0x80072F78

    Quote Originally Posted by beharied View Post
    Hi Carl

    Plz can you give me a bit more detail on the solution,I am running Winxp SP3.

    If youare receiving one of the following error messages related to 0x80072F78, when you use the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site to check for and install updates, then might be simply cause by any one of the issues listed below that is related to:
    • Applications or processes that interfere with Internet communications
    • Resource issues on your computer
    • High Internet activity
    • Recoverable database errors

    If you tried exiting Windows Update, waiting 10 to 15 minutes, and then starting Windows Update again, or if you allowed Windows Automatic Updates to install updates during its 24-hour time cycle, and the error message still persists, please use the following methods that is described in this link.

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