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Thread: Error code 80072EFE

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    Pau hana Guest

    Error code 80072EFE

    I have searched all over to see what this error code means, and I can't seem
    to find anything about it. This happens whenever I try to download the new
    service pak 2.

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    sora3 Guest

    Error code 80072EFE


    I've been having difficulty in updating Windows Vista Ultimate. Whenever I
    try to update the newest update, Windows Update gives me the above error. I
    haven't changed anything in the Windows Update and have fully port forward
    the ports for the update to the Firewall as with the Technical Help base and
    I'm still getting that error.

    Anyone know what's going on?

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    Nov 2007

    code error 80072efe


    Like many others I received the above code when trying to update Windows.Likewise I was unable to access some websites but many were ok.

    Similar problems were encountered using a wireless enabled laptop suggesting the problem was with my router, not my computer.

    Eventually after struggling for weeks I contacted belkin who had supplied the router.We reset the factory defaults and reregistered using a PPO A connection type (rather than the automatic ppoe type) and its working.

    A bit unbelievable really


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    hijacktheleft Guest

    Re: Error code 80072EFE

    How did you go about doing that. Also, I can connect to all websites using
    Firefox, just not IE7. I also can't get my updates. After doing some
    research, I think it may the same issue you were getting, but I don't know
    how to change to PPOA as opposed to PPOE.

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    Nov 2007
    for me it was about changing my router settings and i did that with the router type help desk.

    full details from your internet provider will also be required


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    bama boi Guest

    Re: Error code 80072EFE

    hi there, i got this same error code 80072efe when i was trying to
    install updates for my microsoft office 2007. i was able to find an
    update which corrected this error. the link is: 'Download details:
    Update for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (KB946691)'

    install the update and you should have no further problems installing
    your other updates. it worked for me

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