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Thread: Error 0x800B0001

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    Harish.G [MSFT] Guest

    Error 0x800B0001


    The workaround for error 0x800B0001 is given in the following knowledge
    base article. Please check for knowledge base article and follow the
    instructions given.

    I am attaching the knowledge base article below.;FR;883821
    You may receive an error message when you search for available updates on
    the Windows Update Web site

    Please let me know if this knowledge base article helps!

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    I've tried everything to resolve this problem for days now

    help please I cannot connect to msn explorer or messenger and get error

    Please follow the steps in this article to resolve that problem:

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    Re: Error 0x800B0001

    The real fix for Error 0x800B0001 can be found in this link the posts above this didnt seem to work in solving the Error 0x800B0001 but i was able to fix my problems to update vista by re-registering wintrust thru cmd prmpt follow the link to end your troubles also i installed update Windows6.0-KB955430-x86 prior to get my updates for vista 32 home premium sp1
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