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Error 800700C1

Windows Update

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Old 22-08-2004
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Error 800700C1

Well, i thought i had been stupid to accept the offer to
get the new Windows Update software, but now i see that
our big brother gave me no choice. The download process
seems to go fine, but ends with

Error 800700C1

Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot
display the requested page. You may find the following
resources helpful in resolving the problem:

This leaves me in a state where there is no choice to
search for updates. So i guess i will never have any
trouble downloading SP2, since Windows Update will never
work again.

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Old 25-09-2007
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I am not sure why it is doing this, searched the web and saw a lot of people
have the problem, none have had success fixing it. Can't update Windows

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Old 25-09-2007
Juan Perez
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Re: Error 800700C1


I found this information some in a forums. Take a look:


The offending file in question was SMIPI.dll

You can get it off of the vista install disk (just search for it I forget

the path) or another working system. It's under


yes that is a real folder name (jeesh).

You'll have to take ownership under properties>security>advanced to actually

copy over it. Once it's replaced windows update ran fine.

Had a bunch of other corrupted files that I haven't dealt with yet but this

was the cause. Suggest running sfc/scannow anyway as that might have fixed

something else.

Good Luck!
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Old 25-09-2007
Posts: n/a
Re: Error 800700C1

Thanks Jaun; however, I have a Dell, therefore, no install disc, just a
recover disk with no dll file. Is there another place I can find this dll?

Thanks again.

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Old 29-09-2007
Posts: n/a
Thanks, Jim. Replaced existing DLL with the above, still no difference. I
suspect the above mentioned solution to have been successful because of the
sfc/scannow command, but in my Windows, it says:

"Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service."
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Old 29-09-2007
Jim Byrd
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Re: Error 800700C1

Hi Myriad - Try the following in order:

Procedure 1:

- First, you will need to install or re-install the updated KB927891. See
http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sec...ry/927891.mspx and here
http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=927891 for a complete fix.

- Then install the newly released 'standalone' version of Windows Update
Agent 3.0, v. 7.0.6000.374, for 32 bit machines which is available here:

It may say "Install is not needed since Windows Update Agent is
already installed." If so, then run the exe with the command line switch
/wuforce , like this:

WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe /wuforce

to force the install.

Now reboot. Now reboot again. (Yes, twice.)

Now go back to Windows Update - what you just did should force a
re-installation of the lastest update to the Windows Update software. Allow
this and then try your updates again.

If that doesn't fix the problem, then try

Procedure 2:

1. Go to http://wiki.djlizard.net/Dial-a-fix and download Dial-a-fix
v0.60.0.24 (2006-10-27) Here's a direct download link:
http://djlizard.net.nyud.net:8080/so...v0.60.0.24.zip and a
secondary: http://djlizard.net/software/Dial-a-fix-v0.60.0.24.zip from
that page's download section, here:
http://wiki.djlizard.net/Dial-a-fix#...C_and_articles .

2. Unzip it to a new folder at root with any name, e.g.

3. Now double click on Dial-a-fix.exe in that folder.

4. Click on the following:
- Options/tooltips (just to get an idea of what it does in each
:) )
- Both boxes under Prep
- The 'all' (top) box for Sections 2, 3 and 4 (which will automatically
be set when you check 3)
- In Section 3 click on 'Flush Software Distribution' and choose 'Yes'
to force the deletion of the folder.
- In Section 5, 'ActiveX controls/codecs', 'Programming
cores/runtimes', 'Explorer/IE/OE/shell/WMP', and 'Object linking libraries
(OLE)' only.
- Click 'Go' . (Some of the re-registrations may take what seems like
long time for some .dll's - Don't be impatient.)

5. Reboot. Now Reboot Again. (Yes, twice.)

Now try Windows Update again. If it still doesn't work, then re-do
Procedure 2 in Safe mode (Section 2 will be greyed out.) and then try
Windows Update again.

See if that does the trick, and, again please post back with your
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Old 05-02-2008
Posts: n/a
Re: Error 800700C1

I found this file
e_07289f4cca5f6990" but I'm not sure what to do with it? Can you please
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Old 12-03-2008
Posts: n/a
Error 800700C1

When trying to check for Windows updates I get the error code 800700C1. I
have tried all of the things suggested on other threads on this board with no
success. When I go to my internet options I get the message
"C:\Windows\system32\ADVPACK.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or
it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original
installation media or contact your system administrator or the software
vendor for support." When I got that message I went to afreedll.com and
downloaded RegCure to check my computer for errors or missing dll files.
That did not work. I still get the same messages as before.
I also had McAfee as my security on the computer. I have since uninstalled
that to see if that was the problem, but it wasn't. I now have AVG 7.5 for
my security as well as the Windows firewall.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. At this point I am ready to
throw the computer out the window
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Old 04-03-2009
Posts: n/a
Becky - did you ever get this resolved. I've had the same problem since at
least last summer; it started after installing a MicroSoft update, and the
only suggestion from MS was to reinstall Vista!
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