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Thread: error 0x8007000D

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    mck Guest

    error 0x8007000D

    i can,t update my system, the error is 0x8007000D, can someone helpme?

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    Hmmm Dunno Guest
    For install error 0x8007000D, let's try the following:

    Click Start > Run
    Type "SIGVERIF" (w/o quotes) Press OK
    Click Advanced
    Select "Look for other files that are not digitally signed"
    In the "Look in this folder" box type in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CATROOT
    (Edit path a necessary depending on where Windows is installed)
    Check Include Subfolders
    Click OK, then click Start

    When the report completes it should list any unsigned files, CAT files. If
    we see
    any here we will want to locate them and move them out of the CATROOT

    Download and install the updates from Windows Update.

    If the error persists download and install one of the updates from:

    Do you get an error message?

    Let us know the results.

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    I still get that error even after tring Lucy's fix.

    Sometimes I go to a website and try to install a certificate and I get the CSP 0x070080000D error message.

    If that fails I try to import the certificate through the certificate import wizard and sometimes it works and sometimes that even fails.

    I get a message that the Cryptographic Service Provider is not started. I checked Services/Applications and its running like a champ.

    I was wondering if I should delete it and restart the machine, would the OS manually reinstall it like it does drivers?

    Sorry the error is the same as in the original post "0x8007000D".

    Thats what I get for not copy/pasting.

    From what I heard its really a generic error, not much more info.

    I am sorry you are right, it has nothing to do with a windows update.
    I didn't check the heading close enough.

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: error 0x8007000D

    Lucy hasn't posted since leaving MS in August 2004.
    You can't delete a Service you can only disable it.
    You *can* repair a Service.

    Since we do not know what error the system is getting as the one you
    posted does not exist, perhaps you'd like to post the correct one ?

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    PA Bear [MS-MVP] Guest

    Re: error 0x8007000D

    How does this relate to Windows Update?

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    Re: error 0x8007000D

    Do you have installed on your computer Daemon Tools?
    It seems that this might be the problem.

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    Re: error 0x8007000D

    Uninstalling Daemon Tools worked flawlessly when getting this error at running the systemupdate tool with vista (Windows6.0-KB947821-v10-x86)(KB947821).

    Thanks a bunch! :)

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