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Thread: Windows Update KB958488

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    Windows Update KB958488

    Windows update KB598488 was successful automatically installed on my system. Then when restarting windows all programs and software are blocked, including AVG free license!

    I tried to uninstall the update from update history, didnt work, error message given. I uninstalled NET framework 3.5, installed with the update? Have tried to restore my system to an earlier time. All not successful, all programs not running! Please help!

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    Re: Windows Update KB958488

    Make sure that you have logged in the system as the admin of the computer and not as the normal user while uninstalling the updates. If as a admin also you are facing the same problem then you should start the computer in safe mode and then try to uninstall that from your computer. See if this time it allows you to uninstall the updates. I hope that this will help you.

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    Re: Windows Update KB958488

    Yes, I am logged in as administrator, no luck. Been in safe mode, still no luck. An error message occurs when i try and uninstall the update.

    The update name is simply "KB958488" and no publisher name, looks very dodgy!

    Any ideas?

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