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.NET Framework 3.0 - KB982524 FAILS

Windows Update

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Old 25-06-2010
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.NET Framework 3.0 - KB982524 FAILS


Every time I try to install .NET Framework 3.0 - KB982524 it fails, the
little yellow shield goes away.... but always comes back. I try again....
same thing it fails to install. Ideas???

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Old 25-06-2010
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if you look at my post KB982524.Net update on 24 June - see if
either/both 976576 and 977354 are in Add/Remove - it appears that one gets
two for the price of one dll/install.
Have you tried installing with the 'long way round'?

Not sure how useful this will be, but today KB982524 repeatedly failed to
install on my machine. It's been said there is no standalone for this update,
but there is. I got the XP 32-bit standalone .exe for it from here:

When first trying to run this, I got a "File is corrupt" message. Downloaded
it again & it installed OK. Went back to Microsoft Update & thankfully it
says I'm up to date.

I've seen very elaborate instructions suggesting a complete uninstall of
..NET Framework, with incremental reinstallations of each update is the only
solution. Fortunately, that seems unnecessary.
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Old 26-06-2010
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I have the same problem. I could install KB977354 manually but KB976576 is
not available in standalone. KB982524 fails with error 0x643 with Microsoft
Update and when I attempt a manual install. I have cleared the update cache
and run Microsoft Update again with the update still failing. Does anyone
have a solution yet?

I have the same problem. Every time I try to install .NET Framework 3.0 -
KB982524 it fails, the little yellow shield goes away.... but it keeps coming
back daily. I try again, and again it fails to install. I tried going to
the Microsoft web site, finding KB982524 and manually downloading and
installing. That didn't work either. It would download, but the install
would fail.
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Old 30-06-2010
Robert Aldwinckle
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That's the second reason that you're doing a manual install. If it fails,
you can now have much better diagnostics about the failure. Hint: among
all the files that the update creates or adds to look for an msi log or
maximize it by rerunning the install with a verbose switch on your command
line. Etc. BTW if you're not sure about how to find all of the changed
files (e.g., I don't think you can use Windows Search any more for this) you
can use ProcMon to capture any Operation Contains WRITE made by the
update's process name. FWIW I usually find dir/a/s/ta | sort
sufficient (e.g. in a cmd window) but I have my time and date set up to
enable that sort (e.g. Date YYYY-MM-DD and time HH:MM:SS -- ISO date and
24 hour with zero filled values. )

Let us know when you figure out what clicking that little + sign does. But
you better do it before Thursday when MS is 86'ing this and many other
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Old 01-07-2010
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Re: .NET Framework 3.0 - KB982524 FAILS

I am sure this is the Microsoft 64 million Dollar question, but Why can't those knuckleheads in Microsoft turn out a combined .net release that would encompass and take care of all these diff revisions of .net, and make sure all the libraries, .dll's, and what not are included.

Is this just another way for M/$ to put us through the wringer trying to get all these dang .net updates to apply and load. Sure create a PITA for us Managed Services providers out here trying to support their product.

Shouldn't be that hard for all those propeller heads up in Redmond...
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Old 03-07-2010
Hoyt Andres
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KB982524 Update

I'm having the same problem. It fails everytime I have tried to install the update.

What's the problem and who can help me fix it?

I'm not a computer professional, but I am very computer literate.
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