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Silverlight 4 & netflix incompat

Windows Update

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Old 12-06-2010
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Silverlight 4 & netflix incompat

XP-SP3 Netflix instant view gives DRM error with Silverlight 4.
Silverlight 3 works fine. Anyone else have this problem?

Installed WMP11sdk and reset Silverlight data store per online
information, made no diff. 4 still kicks DRM error.

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Old 12-06-2010
PA Bear [MS MVP]
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You will find support for Silverlight in this forum

Well, at least it's a Silverlight-specific forum (vs. Windows Update

PS: Don't kill the messenger.

Silvelight didn't update itself, Microsoft Update did it. If your Automatic
Updates setting was "Notify Only," the Silverlight update would not have
downloaded or installed without your permission.

Thanks. That forum is as useless as this one.

Windowsupdate sent me Silverlight 4 and caused problems.
I had Silverlight 3 set to NOT check for updates.
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Old 13-06-2010
Shenan Stanley
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Re: Silverlight 4 & netflix incompat

Tools and information sources are only useless to those who do not know how
to use them - so it is debatable as to which component of that equation are
actually useless. ;-)

What did Netflix support tell you?
Please provide links to their answers and FAQs to your queries (and general
help) there.
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Old 14-06-2010
Shenan Stanley
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Re: Silverlight 4 & netflix incompat

Still your computer, NetFlix is the app you said had the issue in the end
and you get to decide what you do and don't do on your machine. It can
point you to download a new version all day long - if you have the
WindowsUpdates set up that way - but only if you also set it to
automatically download and install would you be giving up the control.

Your description of the issue is this: "Netflix instant view gives DRM error
with Silverlight 4" <-- one cannot say if NetFlix just has not kept up or if
Silverlight changed to break Netflix (although the latter makes no real
sense.) Could be something NetFlix is calling needs to be changed - by the
people at Netflix.

In the end - it doesn't really matter. You chose to install Silverlight 4.
You obviously worked around your issue with Netflix and Silverlight 4 by
uninstalling Silverlight 4 and reverting to Silverlight 3?

Which browser are you using (Internet Explorer v__? Firefox v__? Chrome
v__? Safari v__?)
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Old 07-09-2010
Join Date: Sep 2010
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Re: Silverlight 4 & netflix incompat

My suspicion that silverlight 4 doesn't work with early version AMD 64 bit processors is borne out by the fact that a friend and I both have Windows 7 running on two computers with the same chipset (CPU/Processor Socket: AM2 Supports AMD Athlon 64) and both computers cannot run silverlight 4. (We also both have more recent computers with Intel CPU's which work fine with Silverlight 4)

Windows 7 does not properly identify my CPU, thus I presume they can't/don'/t use the information to troubleshoot Silverlight. Under processor in "devices" I am informed I have an "AMD processor - model unknown".

In addition, the files for both 3 and 4 versions of Silverlight are defined as "Silverlight exe". That doesn't help much when trying to identify which version one is installing. (I now have version three in a folder which properly identifies the contents as "Silverlight 3, and only install the Microsoft update versions every now and then to see if they've fixed 4 yet. Nope. So I uninstall it and reinstall 3.

Microsoft/Silverlight should should provide version numbers on their exe files.

This morning I downloaded a security update from Microsoft for Silverlight, and found that it installed correctly and didn't disable Netflix. Now running version 3.0.50611.0 - which means they're at least protecting the older version from vulnerabilities.
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