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Thread: Code 646 in updates

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    Glenn Guest

    Code 646 in updates

    All of tuesday's update went thru accept, Microsoft Office Visio Viewer 2007
    (KB973709), Office system (KB972581) and Office system (KB974234).
    I keep getting Code 646.
    I have tried a few things I found thru windows help boards but nothing works,
    please help.
    I am running Windows Vista Home premium 32bit and
    Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007

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    TracyLee Guest

    RE: Code 646 in updates

    Glenn, did you find a solution. I keep getting the same message. Also, I get
    code 643. I am very computer stupid, so I don't understand a lot of the
    language. And it keeps wanting me to update, over and over. I click to
    update, it says it is doing it, but then my computer restarts, and asks me to
    update again. I have been doing this for HOURS. Can you help. I really need
    step, by step instructions.

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    Oct 2009
    Have you tried inserting your Office 2007 CD into the appropriate drive bay
    before attempting to install the updates again?

    You can add me to teh list of people with that problem Running Vista Home Premium and Office 2007.

    Anyone else i too am getting code Ox643 when trying to install
    ..NET FRAMEWORK 1.1 SERVICE PACK1 SECURITY UPDATE,it will not install,anyone
    know how to fic this?

    It has nothing to do with not havingIE8 installed, because I do and am having
    the same problems.

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    pkritt Guest
    I've been getting the 646 error on all most all of my updates for the past
    week or so. I can click on "review your update history" and then click on
    each one and manually download and install them (which works) but with as
    many updates as Microsoft puts out, this is not a viable solution.

    I to am getting this error , please help. Are these updates that important.
    Ive tried several things and Im still getting the error message.

    I have all together or one at a time. My problem has only been since
    the 16th Oct so not been happening for long. (i am also using Windows Vista).

    My PC won't install these latest updates and I too get the code 646 error
    msg. Could it have anything to do with not having the new IE8 installed?
    Anyway, now I do not know how to shut the update icon down (bottom right
    corner) it is constantly telling me I have new updates to install. DUH! I
    know that, but they will not install. I hope someone finds a solution to this

    Why do you think Bill Gates is the richest man in the world? You
    try calling Microsoft and they turn on the good ole taxi meter,they do
    nothing for free,none of us do or would,but the issue here is that MS
    controls the computer world,they devised the software,they should notify and
    present fixes if their installation updates don't work,which is the case
    here.Maybe some conscientiousness MS manager will take pity on us fools and
    post a easy,step by step fix.

    If you click on optional downloads and download them the rest will install
    also, KB973709 KB972581 KB974234 AND KB973636

    You need to install them manually. Go to search for the KB
    number. Download and install. I was getting the same errors and this will
    correct4 of the 5. However I do not have MS Visio on my machine and for some
    reason it still thinks it need to install the patch. Which will fail since a
    pre-req is MS Visio.

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    tracey676 Guest
    I can't install the three updates either, have tried everything suggested, no
    joy just keep getting unknown error 646, help please, they appear to be the
    same updates, also I have KB97363 which wont update

    hey Duffer,i upgraded awhile ago for IE #8, i dont think it has anything to
    do with IE#8,this started happening to me as of yesterday and i haven't
    downloaded IE.My problem is i tried alot of fixes suggested including MS's
    site and none seem to be working for me.I also cannot get rid of the yellow
    shield showing updates.I am wondering whether it is necessary to TURN OFF WIN
    updates first and then try the fixes and then rebooting.It seesm to me that i
    tried that one too and still no success.If anyone had any idea of what the
    heck the fix is in plain simple steps,we would appreciate a stepby step fix:)
    bigalster on verge of nervous breakdown

    I thank it is something with the upgrade of Explorer 8, Reasons:Iam
    running Secunia PSI and it said that I had a 90 something secure and upgrade
    rate one of the highest for the whole state of KY... But that was before I
    tried to download an option of Internet Explorer 8 and then I now have the
    following unsecure programs 1. Ask toolbar 4x...2. Microsoft Internet
    Explorer 8....3. Real Player 11...My computer come with Vista Home
    Premium,and I am now running the Windows 7 Beta test... Which after
    researching thought Micrsoft Internet 8 had even more componets as well as
    some more new features is the only reason I tried it "What a big mistake that

    I too have said in several posts, if anyone
    has just plain language (not computer lingo, there are still a few of us out
    here who have no idean what you mean) step by step instruction that work,
    please tell us. I am getting to the point where I just want to unplug the
    computer and protect it that way. Is Microsoft even reading these posts? My
    gosh, you would think they could see that there are a ton of problems w/these
    latest update installations. They should fix then send a mass email to those
    of us who have windows that the problem is fixed now try it. Oh and does
    anyone know if Microsoft even has a ph.#. I know that sounds like a silly
    question, but I cannot find one. I am getting no answer or help online. Sorry
    this is so long.

    I have gone to the point that I have
    totally uninstalled and reinstalled office 2007 home and student on
    windows vista basic system. I have tried installing them singly with
    no results. I am able to update everything except office 2007. I
    would sincerely appreciate help before this poor little laptop goes
    flying through the air. There has to be an easy solution here.

    Has anyone come up with a solution? I'm having the same problems with KB973709, KB972581 and KB974234

    i have found a way to download these updates, go to the download center,
    individually type in the updates code starting with KB and download them one
    at a time, it should fix the problem, it worked for me.

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest

    Re: Code 646 in updates

    I have the same freaking thing!! I have gone to the point that I have
    totally uninstalled and reinstalled office 2007 home and student on
    windows vista basic system. I have tried installing them singly with
    no results. I am able to update everything except office 2007. I
    would sincerely appreciate help before this poor little laptop goes
    flying through the air. There has to be an easy solution here.
    Some please help

    <cmd_output OS="XPsp3">
    E:\>set /a c = 0x646
    E:\>net helpmsg %c%

    Feature ID not registered.

    I think you're going to have to figure out what "Feature ID"
    is being referenced here. Search any files that the update
    creates or modifies as if they were diagnostic files, looking for
    instances of 646 and 1606 and report their context.

    BTW please figure out how to stop Google Groups from making
    your replies come as if they were HTML (Quoted Printable).
    Plain text is preferred in newsgroups.

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    Shenan Stanley Guest
    So what you are saying is the solution given several times over...

    Install the updates manually.

    It's not a solution, but a work around. Most who are having trouble and do
    this work-around will likely be back next month (second tuesday and after)
    asking the same question about how to install some update because of a
    failure to install. Until they fix their updates system, it will repeat
    each month.

    Also - the easiest way to download any update Microsoft releases and do this
    manually is to plug the KB######'s into this web page:

    In this case:

    From which you should click on the link for IT Professionals:

    Where you can get the proper update for your version of Office.

    They will also want to check the original link given to ensure they meet the
    "Prerequisites to install this security update" and they might even utilize
    the section on "How to obtain help and support for this security update" to
    their advantage.

    I can not emphasize enough how bad I think this advice is.

    Installing a *BETA* version of a software (unreleased and unsupported) to
    fix a problem *some* people (not all by a long shot) are having with a
    current and supported product... Horrible, horrid and unwise at best.

    Plus you are assuming everyone will want/can afford to purchase Office 2010
    (or has the knowledge/will to steal it) when it is actually released and the
    knowledge/skills to remove the beta and install the full version.

    I did all this and still failed. I turned off firewall and it went through 12
    of 13 installed then failed again. Any other suggestions.

    I did it the old fasion way, which was slow file by file via manual download
    from MS . IT WOKED

    Or was that Elmer Fudd for "Rocked"?

    What operating system do you have?

    For example:
    Windows XP ______ Edition with Service Pack _ __-bit
    Windows Vista ______ Edition with Service Pack _ __-bit
    Windows 7 ______ Edition __-bit

    I'am really new to this, all I can find is the questions on here. Where do
    you find the answers.

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    hogan Guest
    I keep getting the same error code - I am wondering if it has to do with not
    having "Office 07, ie Word, Excel, and PowerPro" installed. When I bought
    my laptop I decided not to opt for Office 07 and instead I just use Works
    which came loaded. It seems these 3 updates are connected to Office
    products. Anyway - I just unselect the updates and only load the ones that
    aren't connected to these 3. So, this is my uneducated solution and I would
    really like to know what Microsoft is saying the reason is that these aren't
    loading...please if anyone knows - pass it along. Thanks

    Linda, I have noticed, that all of the updates that this relates to are for
    Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 is that true for you also, or did you
    start off with a trial version of the software, and then purchase another
    version from the store. These are related, I am sure, based on the history
    that I am seeing. On a quick note, I see no solutions indicated from

    UPDATED as I noticed that I had left some small & possibably important parts
    of the instructions, I apologize for that!!!!


    Go to start> Control Panel> Adminstrative Tools> Services> When you scroll
    down to this (Office Source Engine), right click on it and make it AUTOMATIC>
    then click the apply button then click the Start button. Then restart your
    pc, then manually download the updates above it they are (as this is what I
    had to do to get the updates installed on my Windows PC, I am running Windows
    Vista Ultimate 32bit system) the ones that I could not get to install using
    Windows automatic update. This is the process that I had to go through to
    install these updates on both my wife's PC and my own PC.

    1. Search for 646 MVP. (E.g. press Alt-7, type that and press Enter.)
    2. Try the filters. Alt-i Enter, Threads with helpful posts Enter
    3. Click on the [+] (or doubleclick on the the discussion title.)

    Hint: use the Help button (at the top right.) (Alt-m, BackTab, Enter)

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    Nov 2009
    Doesn't work for me, and I know what the problem stems from..... somehow, somewhere, some registry entries were corrupted or deleted.

    Amazingly, this problem doesn't occur on Windows XP or 7.... it only appears on Vista, and only appears when there are 'junk entries' in the registry on Vista. By junk entries I am talking about registry hives with........ random letters, symbols and numbers like "HOHLKDHLDKHDLDHDLH!" as an example

    Didn't work for me... tried downloading the things and installing them manually.... still failed and also.... the manual installers crashed!

    Microsoft needs to release a 'fix Microsoft Office' tool, that goes through the registry entries and either deletes them all or fixes them all.

    I've done the 'hard manual uninstall' thing recently on my parents computer that Microsoft recommends, and it's a pain. Even installing them using the things in the 'Installer' directory in the Windows directory, it still fought me every step of the way.

    None, to be honest. Personally, I just went the 'tough route' and downloaded the Microsoft 2010 trial and installed it on all my machines that needed this or I wanted this on..... and it's working well thus far.

    Little problem....... it doesn't always work. I've tried 'installing the updates manually'.... it just doesn't work if the Microsoft Office Installation registry keys have gotten damaged..... the thing will just 'crash out' without even giving an error message or any other information.

    Microsoft has rewritten their installation thing for Office 2010 (also known as Office 14). Supposedly..... this issue is now GONE PERMANENTLY. I would advise anyone who is having problems to just go into their registry, delete EVERY mention of Office or something connected with the office suite, and download the Beta version of Office 2010 Professional off the Microsoft website.

    So far, I have not seen any problems with Office 2010 AND those 'strange registry entries' that I alluded to in another posting on another subject? GONE!

    Not one has appeared since totally uninstalling Office 2007 Home and Student, and updating to the 2010 Professional Beta.

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    Shadows4 Guest
    (11/21/09) - I have Vista (64bit version), and I was getting this error for
    three weeks myself. Thanks to one the suggestions below, I got it to work.
    The suggestion that worked for me was to "manually" install each update
    "individually". I could not use the windows automatic update feature. Here's
    what I did (BTW, I did not have to turn off my firewall to do this):

    1) Went to Bing.Com
    2) Typed in the exact name of the update as it was displayed on the Windows
    Update Screen (e.g. Security Update for Microsoft Office Excel (KB######)
    3) Bing found the exact match to what I typed in on the Microsoft website
    4) I clicked on the link
    5) Selected "Download"
    6) And Viola, it worked :-)
    7) I repeated this step four more times, and now I've successfully installed
    all five updates that I'd been trying to install for three weeks.
    8) Thanks again to all of the tips people listed below, that was helpful and
    the "manual" update tip worked for me.

    Hope this works for other people as well.

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    cmercer Guest

    RE: Code 646 in updates

    My computer failed to auto load service pack II and never did let me know
    untill microsoft says it will no longer upgrade any computers that don't have
    II installed. I guess we will all have to but Mac's. Because microsoft will
    not help us.

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    Bickford Shmeckler Guest

    Re: Code 646 in updates

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out to visit the Apple store. Take
    lots of money, and don't plan on using much of the software you've gotten
    used to.

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    PA Bear [MS MVP] Guest

    Re: Code 646 in updates

    Assuming you're referring to WinXP SP2, free unlimited installation and
    compatibility support was available from late August 2006 thru May 2009.
    Such support will cost you US$59 or higher per incident now. You snooze,
    you lose.

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