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Thread: Update KB968389 crashes machine

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    Tonynj Guest

    Update KB968389 crashes machine

    Running windows XP SP3 on a Dell dimension 8400. Microsoft Updater
    downloaded KB968389 on 8/18 and tried to auto install it. the auto reboot
    failed. When I tried to power up the machine the next day I got to the
    Windows screen and then the machine just hangs with a blank grey screen and
    no lights on the keyboard.

    Successfully restarted machine in Safe Mode. Went to <Control Panel>
    <Add/Remove Software> and uninstalled that one update. Restarted machine and
    it booted fine. Tried to manually install KB968389 using <Microsoft Update>
    <Custom install> AFter install reboot once again failed. Repeated the Safe
    Mode boot and uninstall and all is well.

    Filed a Microsoft problem report and all I got back was some self-help
    suggestions and an offer to pay Microsoft $59/Hr for the priviledge of having
    them help me solve the problem their update appears to cause.

    Any ideas?

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    MowGreen Guest

    Re: Update KB968389 crashes machine

    From the Security Advisory:

    Microsoft Security Advisory (973811)
    Extended Protection for Authentication

    Click on "E-mail or individual chat support"

    IF they still want to charge you refer them to the above page:
    And, the Security Support link contained in the Security Advisory that
    led you to the 'Get Security Support' page.

    You could also try calling. Under 'Get a free PC safety scan':

    Tell them you have an 'other security related support' issue that is
    being caused by this update.

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    dion Guest

    Re: Update KB968389 crashes machine

    This update is crashing my HP G70t-200 with Vista 64-bit OS. I'm no
    getting what Microsoft Security Advisory (973811) has to do with thi
    issue. Any ideas

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    Adam Guest

    RE: Update KB968389 crashes machine

    I'm having very similar problems. Only I haven't been able to load into Safe
    Mode. And I haven't been able to load Windows Setup from CD or any XP-based
    boot discs. Mine's a home-built system that's been running perfectly for 3
    years. I'm going to try to replace the updated files as given here: and see if that helps. I have no idea
    if it will or not, though.

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    ButchBaltimore Guest

    RE: Update KB968389 crashes machine

    That update will not download on my computer. I guess I am lucky since it
    crashes other computers. What is the update supposed to DO?
    I only went back to load it after not being able to install the latest
    download: kb951847, which downloads and fails to install several times. I
    thought maybe the previous (some time ago) 968389 failure was necessary to
    install the new download which has something to do with Net Framework. It
    says it is critical but will not install. Error message here is Ox643 for
    KB951847. Between home and work I have 5 PC's . The time to play with all
    these updates is becoming ridiculous, every two days there is something new
    that wastes my time. I was visiting my uncle in NJ who has only Apple
    machines and the whole time I was there no updates, no downloads, just works.
    I ask him how long has it been since he had a notice of updates, and the
    reply was months ago, he did not really remember. Next machine for my home
    is APPLE!

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