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Thread: Office Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB949810) fails

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    Joe Kazura Guest

    Office Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB949810) fails

    Builing a Dell O760 with XP Pro SP3 and Office 2007 ...

    a new Office Genuine Advantage Notifications update was released on
    08/25/2009 and it fails everytime I try to do the update (Microsoft
    Update) with error code 0x80070643

    This is a clean, fresh install of XP Pro & Office 2007.
    Anyone have any ideas as to why this keeps failing?

    The WGADiag says all is good ... I'm using our VLK codes for both Win
    XP Pro & Office 2007.

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    MowGreen Guest
    The error is a generic one. Suggest you post this issue here:

    Office Genuine Advantage Validation Issues (Office)

    went to your suggested site and nothing is being dicused about a failed
    install. iam having the same problem, will not install.

    You will need to post your own message to the forum.

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    Smokey090681 Guest
    I've been Getting the same Notice and it wont install Office Genuine
    Advantage Notifications update, i went to the site it told me to, and it
    wanted me to download the OGANotifier, The Link Is:
    It Tells me to click to download the solution, i downloaded and ran the
    appliction. it seemed to be working, then Windows Update tells me i need to
    re-download and re-install Office Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB949810).
    i dont know why??

    I Re-Installed Office Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB949810) on the
    Microsoft Windows Update Website and restarted my computer right after, now
    it seems to be working fine, i dont get the error message anymore when i boot
    my computer, but it still don't say in the "Add/Remove Programs" that It Is
    Installed. I can't find it anywhere, exept on my hard drive, in a specific
    folder. but it don't say its installed, and Windows Update Says I have it
    installed Twice. so i dont know, i hope it keeps working! =o)

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    Oct 2009
    Error 0x80070643 al instalar KB949810:
    Se debe a que el programador de tareas est? deshabilitado.

    Inicio - Ejecutar - services.msc
    Programador de tareas - Propiedades
    Tipo de inicio - Manual

    Microsoft update

    He probado todas las soluciones y esta es la ?nica que me funcion?.

    Con el programador de tareas habilitado, funciona correctamente.

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    Fahad Alduraibi Guest
    I had the same problem and found the it was caused by having the service
    "Task Scheduler" set to manual. so i started the service then ran the update
    and it worked.

    So if you have changed the default startup for that service then this could
    be the solution.

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    May 2010
    I too had a problem with installing OGAN
    Task Scheduler service was set to manual
    When i started it and then tried to install OGAN it worked a treat
    Its great that we have these forums as often microsoft support is anything but
    Don't know how you worked out it was down to task scheduler service not being started
    way beyond my tech capabilities

    I just now signed up just to say thank you very much to Fahad Alduraibi!

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    ecravello Guest

    Re: Office Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB949810) fails

    I had the same issue with all the same frustrations on this issue.

    My copy is valid and activated. After many hours and even a few on the phone with the MS Office Tech person I found a very simple and effective solution. This is only when you DO have a valid copy and that copy shows activated and you're able to get updates for your products but still have only this one that fails.

    The real problem is that there is no KB949810 update for Office Genuine Notification.

    The solution? So simple you'll cry if you've been working on this for very long.

    If you already have the update icon in your task bar, it probably has the yellow shield saying there is one update ready to install, if not, go to windows update and click to CUSTOM to download the updates. After they download, uncheck the box next to the problem update (KB949810) and select install, the next page gives an option to check "do not offer this download again". Close and you're DONE!

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    Oct 2010

    Re: Office Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB949810) fails

    It worked on my laptop. "Task Scheduler" is to blame.

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