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Thread: vista SP2 stage 3 of 3, 0% complete - endless loop

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    Laurie Guest

    vista SP2 stage 3 of 3, 0% complete - endless loop

    EVERY time BF turns on computer he got message: " configuring
    updates stage 3 of 3, 0% installed, do not shut off computer." Because
    Windows Update had downloaded 0 % even after 1 hour so, he shut off computer
    and restarted it again. Now it is in a continuous loop. Every time the PC
    reboots it says update 3 of 3, 0% installed etc, and then it
    continues to message "Wait for the Windows Install..." after a
    couple of minutes the server reboots and starts all over with update 3 of 3.
    Pressing F10 to get "safe mode" options results in the black screen with
    options, but no matter which option is highlighted (safe mode,
    safe mode with networking, or safe mode with Command prompt), it defaults to
    a normal startup, (cannot get to 'restore to an earlier point' page) then
    the windows screen comes on saying " configuring
    updates stage 3 of 3, 0% installed, do not shut off computer and the entire
    loop happens again, with or without him shutting it off. Everything is
    frozen, he cannot move mouse, cursor, cannot
    get windows task manager Ctrl/Alt/Del. pressing buttons, nothingworks. How
    can he get out of this endless loop? We've checked all physical connections:
    BF has lost install CD (already). So, other than going to repair shop to
    have Vista re-installed, do you have any ideas? ( I use XP, not Vista and am
    trying to get info for him). I've suggested (if he gets out of
    loop, somehow) that he not get automatic updates, but instead, asks for
    notification so he can review.

    Thanks for any help

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    PA Bear [MS MVP] Guest

    Re: vista SP2 stage 3 of 3, 0% complete - endless loop

    Assuming this is happening when Automatic Updates is attempting to install

    Description of the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 installation
    software feature update released April 28, 2009
    [BF may need to install this manually]

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the
    computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista
    [BF may need to try the various Resolution Methods; start with #3]

    If still no joy...

    Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for
    Windows Vista, but only for Service Pack 2 (SP2). This support for Windows
    Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) is valid until November 26, 2009. Availability of
    chat or e-mail support differs depending on your geographic location. Go to &
    select appropriate category (e.g., Installation).

    You'll find additional support for Vista SP2 issues in these forums:

    Installation Tips:

    € Your computer will restart several times during the installation process:
    Make certain you've saved your work and closed all open applications before
    beginning the install.

    € Disable (1) your anti-virus application, (2) any real-time system
    protections afforded by any anti-spyware applications (except Defender), &
    (3) your third-party firewall (if any) and then (4) enable the Windows
    Firewall _before installing or uninstalling_ Vista SP2.

    € The installation process can take an hour or more: If you're installing
    SP2 on a portable computer, make sure that you plug-in the power cord and
    have the battery inserted into its bay.

    € Vista SP1 is a prerequisite for installing SP2. If you use Windows Update
    or the Automatic Update feature in Windows Vista, you will not be offered
    the option to install SP2 until you first install SP1.

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    berni Guest
    try to boot a windows live cd and run a defrag

    i would boot a windows live cd and run defrag then reboot from hd

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    apandre Guest

    Re: vista SP2 stage 3 of 3, 0% complete - endless loop

    Here is a tip---if you installed the SP.2 while in safe mode and then
    restarted and got that message about step 3 of 3 at 0%, put the computer
    back in safe mode and it will go on with the install...mine jumped right
    to 39% after putting it back in safe mode (I forgot I started the
    install in safe mode). Hope this helps!

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    Lary OConnor Guest


    turn computer off restart hold down f8 key start computer in safe mode, run system restore.

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