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Thread: KB969614 does not install, Error Code: 0x80070652

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    justmecpb Guest

    KB969614 does not install, Error Code: 0x80070652

    I've tried multiple times, no luck. Any suggestions?

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    TaurArian Guest

    RE: KB969614 does not install, Error Code: 0x80070652

    Most likely because it can't find the original source files -

    If appropriate uninstall the old Word Viewer and grab a copy of the latest
    one -

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    PA Bear [MS MVP] Guest
    1. See the "How to obtain help..." section of

    2. Or uninstall Word Viewer 2003 and install Word Viewer 2007 SP2.

    There ain't no "Word Viewer 2007"!
    The "Word Viewer" (without any version specification) available from
    the MS download center is a Word Viewer 2003 SP3.

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    Shenan Stanley Guest

    Re: KB969614 does not install, Error Code: 0x80070652

    For the OP:

    To get a Microsoft Word file 'viewer' that can view 2007 formatted files, do
    the following...

    - Download and install:

    - Download and install:

    - Download and install:

    Then visit and do a custom scan (with
    'install updates for more products' setup) and install the high priority at
    least, avoid the optional hardware updates, choose carefully if you go into
    the optional software updates.

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    MowGreen Guest
    No, it's not Word Viewer 2003 SP3, it's just Word Viewer now:

    And, one should also install the Compatibility Pack for the Word, Excel,
    and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats and then update that to
    Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 1 (SP1). And, any
    subsequent updates for Word Viewer or the Compat Pack.

    .... and (try to) open a *.DOCX: Word Viewer will ask you to download
    and install the Compatibility Pack.

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    Shenan Stanley Guest
    You are a jump in the pool head-first and face the consequences later type,

    Read what I said to do...

    Three downloads/three installs. I did not *stop* at one download. You may
    have snipped it - but it's back like it was originally posted above...

    The first download - the Word Viewer.

    The second download - the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word,
    Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats.

    The third download - the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 2

    That gives you the ability to open *.DOCX.

    Not that hard - just required one to follow the directions given, as given,
    without assuming they knew better and stopping before they finished. ;-)

    Ironic - given the response you made to me right before this, eh? ;-P

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    Stefan Kanthak Guest

    Re: KB969614 does not install, Error Code: 0x80070652

    Read again, carefully.

    No, see above: Word Viewer 2003 offers you to download and install the
    Compatibility Pack when you try to open a *.DOCX.

    The dialog shown reads (translated from german):

    Did you learn your lesson now? ;-)

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    Shenan Stanley Guest

    Re: KB969614 does not install, Error Code: 0x80070652

    you snipped the instructions at step one. If someone follows my
    instructions, they have no need to get a dialogue box/error/suggestion.
    They download/install three things and they can safely open *.DOCX

    I don't disagree you are correct in that they may get that message - but why
    waste their time? Follow the directions given clearly and you won't get
    that message and you will be able to open the documents (*.DOCX) without
    delay, an annoying message, etc.

    Sure - I could say, "Purchase Word 2007" as an alternative - but I would
    point it out as *being* an alternative - not snip someone's post and not
    elaborate as to why. ;-P

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    MowGreen Guest
    I read it. Word Viewer is NOT " a Word Viewer 2003 SP3 ". It replaces
    all previous Word Viewer versions.

    You posted a link to Word Viewer [wordview_en-xx.exe] in your second
    post, which is what I recommended in the first place. Right ?

    It's you who's writing nonsense: wordview_xx-yy.exe IS Word Viewer 2003
    with SP3!

    Please define "IS". Do you mean that all the files installed are absolutely
    identical? Or that it says "Word Viewer 2003 with SP3" in the spash screen, or
    perhaps the Help:About menu? Or that the string "Word Viewer 2003 with SP3"
    appears in the executable's version information? Or what exactly?

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    Stefan Kanthak Guest
    But you dont understand it!
    No. Look into "wordview_%LANG%.exe" and notice that this IS Word Viewer
    2003 with SP3

    Word Viewer 2003

    File Name: wdviewer.exe
    Download Size: 11.7 MB

    Word Viewer

    File Name: wordview_en-xx.exe
    Download Size: 24.5 MB

    They are NOT the same and I'm done with this endless loop of nonsense.

    So what you meant to say is that the current Word Viewer download is the same as
    installing the previous Word Viewer 2003 download and applying SP3. They've
    just renamed it, not actually changed it.

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    Stefan Kanthak Guest

    Re: KB969614 does not install, Error Code: 0x80070652

    Grab the wordview_en-us.exe and extract it's contents by executing
    wordview_en-us.exe /extract:<path>, then look into the directory
    <path> and find the following files:

    03.05.2005 20:23 11.761.739
    17.05.2007 13:17 886.272 wordview.msi
    21.06.2007 15:49 344.064 Updates\PREWDVIEWSP3.msp
    31.07.2007 14:29 12.836.864 Updates\WDVIEWSP3.msp

    Now get the file info for wordview.msi: it says
    "Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003".
    Updates\WDVIEWSP3.msp shows
    "Office 2003
    Patch;WDVIEWSP3.vsmui_ENG.gdiplus.lccwiz_ENG.mso.pvmso.pvmsxm5.msxml5.wordview.pvrichd20.riched20.Vi sio2003GDIPlus;8173;FullFile;ENG
    and Updates\PREWDVIEWSP3.msp shows
    "Office 2003 Patch;wordview;8133;FullFile;ALL"

    Not yet convinced? Then grab the "Word Viewer 2003" from
    extract its contents:
    wdviewer.exe /C /T:<path>
    and look into the directory <path> to find the following files:

    28.07.2003 12:28 89.136 OSE.EXE
    18.01.2005 15:09 419.008 SETUP.EXE
    03.05.2005 18:21 2.925 SETUP.INI
    03.05.2005 18:23 11.761.739 WDVIEWER.CAB
    03.05.2005 18:23 886.272 WORDVIEW.MSI
    03.05.2005 18:23 1.364 wordview.xml

    If the file sizes of both the *.CAB and *.MSI and the timestamp of
    the *.CAB dont strike you do a FC.EXE /B and see that these files
    are identical!

    And to complete this grab "Word Viewer 2003 SP3" from
    extract its contents:
    WordViewer2003SP3-KB934736-FullFile-ENU.exe /C /T:<path>
    and find the following files:

    14.03.2002 13:31 16.384 ohotfixr.dll
    14.07.2005 11:43 127.059 ohotfix.exe
    12.09.2007 16:38 7.268 ohotfix.ini
    12.09.2007 16:37 344.064 PREWVIEWSP3.msp
    12.09.2007 16:37 12.836.864 WDVIEWSP3.msp

    The WDVIEWSP3.msp but differs in 12 bytes; oops.-)
    Do you trust me when I tell you that these are meta data of the *.msp?

    To answer your question: if the installation sources are identical,
    what do you expect for the installed files?

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    Stefan Kanthak Guest

    Re: KB969614 does not install, Error Code: 0x80070652

    And easy to spot!

    Don't you guys ever look into the self-extracting self-installing
    executables you download and install?
    Just in case that you maintain a bunch of Windows PCs, some sort of
    network or support your local neighborhood: there's an advantage
    when you unpack these *.EXE (especially the service packs) onto your
    local server or the mass media you carry around and install from the
    unpacked sources.

    1. You unpack only once and don't waste your time waiting at every

    2. You need less free disk space on the target computers (for example
    the installation of an "NT" service pack from the packed *.EXE
    needs more than twice the disk space of it's unpacked contents
    SURPLUS during installation) or are able to install at all in
    case of low free disk space;

    3. The installation source written into the registry does not point
    to "%TEMP%\<some vanished directory>\".

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    Harry Johnston [MVP] Guest

    Re: KB969614 does not install, Error Code: 0x80070652

    Arguably it could be interpreted that way ... but it wasn't. I find spelling
    things out in detail often helps to avoid or rectify misunderstandings.

    For my part, not unless I've got a specific reason. (Not that I've ever
    downloaded Word Viewer anyway, as we have a site license for Office.)

    I find the hassle usually outweighs the benefits. Not always, but usually. YMMV.

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