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realtek network realtek rtl8102/8103 family pci-e fe nic error

Windows Update

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Old 25-04-2009
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realtek network realtek rtl8102/8103 family pci-e fe nic error

80070103 error while trying to install this driver from the windows update
website. It fails. Error is 80070103 and wont let me fix it. Says its
optional yet I keep being notified of the failure to install.

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Old 25-04-2009
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RE: realtek network realtek rtl8102/8103 family pci-e fe nic error

Hello Michelle,

Windows Update error 80070103


Do not install any driver updates offered by Windows Update. Get them
from the manufacturer's website instead.
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Old 26-04-2009
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I would like to know the solution too. In my case the update has already
been successfully installed but I'm still being notified of the same update
to install each time I run window update. latiff

I am having this same problem with the Realtek RTL8102/8103 Family PCI-E FE
NIC network adapter.

I wonder if there is a clash between the wireless driver (in my case,
Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 5100) and the Realtek driver, as I can seem to be
able to connect using Intel's WiFi OR the Realtek CAT5e/6 port, but not both.

This has only been happening since the Windows Update on 4/15/2009.

I am unable to restore the driver to a previous version, such as the last
successful date installed (2/27/2009). Normally, someone would choose device
manager -> the device name -> properties and click on the "Driver" tab, then
"Roll Back Driver." However, the "Roll Back Driver" button is disabled.

I tried looking on Realtek's website for a way to download older (working)
drivers, but I didn't have any such luck.

Does anyone have other ideas about how to obtain the last working driver for
the Realtek RTL8102/8103 Family PCI-E FE NIC?
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Old 26-04-2009
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RE: realtek network realtek rtl8102/8103 family pci-e fe nic error

Hello "latiff",

This is a long shot, please t?y How to troubleshoot Windows Update or
Microsoft Update when you are repeatedly offered an update


For the benefit of the community ?eading this post; Let us know how it wo?ks

I hope this post is helpful
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Old 01-05-2009
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Re: realtek network realtek rtl8102/8103 family pci-e fe nic error

I'd like to provide a somewhat more helpful reply ...

I had the same problem.

The Realtek site does have a suitable driver. Go to www.realtek.com,
select downloads, then search for 'rtl8168b'. Click on the search
result that ends in '(software'), then select the driver for your

I used the Realtek Vista 64/Vista autoinstallation program. After I
downloaded and extracted the set of files and ran setup.exe, I was
given three choices. I ran the 'repair' option. After this finished, I
ran windows update - it showed I still had the Realtek update as an
optional choice. I ran 'Check for Updates' and this disappeared - all

I DO NOT endorse the advice that you should get all driver updates
from the manufacturer. This is just so wrong in so many ways.

1. Most Microsoft driver updates install automatically with no effort
from the user.

2. This Realtek problem is the first Microsoft driver problem I've had
in 12 months of running Vista 64 with auto updates on. I've had a
number of problems with non-Microsoft supplied drivers (the
manufacturers seem to have a problem with Vista 64).

3. If you get the driver from the Microsoft site you know that it has
had one more level of quality control checking.

4. You are less likely to pick up a virus infected version.

5. This opinion comes from the distrust of Microsoft that many people
have (including me) but it just isn't justified in this case.
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Old 04-05-2009
dont worry
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The update keep poping up even I already had update successfully installed
4/13. I looked up in window help with the error code which said
a. my machine already had update installed ( which is true), or
b. it's trying to install a less compatible driver ?????

What I did next is go to control panel -> System -> device manager -> sound
then click on Realtek. Under the general tab is an option to update the
driver. So I click that option and it went to doing the search on the
internet ..... it came back to say the machine already has the most update
driver !!

This must be an "window" update bug. It post the same update which it
already had weeks ago. And on top of that window was unable to verify that
the update was done and to remove it from the list.

Just hide the friggin' driver update.
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Old 18-05-2009
RP in WI
Posts: n/a
Your advice was very good.

I first "hid" the update, then went to the Realtek site, input "RTL8168B"
into the "Search" area, then selected the "Automatic update - software"

Upon clicking this, a zip file was downloaded, I then double-clicked on a
"set-up" application file, and the Realtek program then downloaded and
installed the automatic update.

Just to make sure that this worked:
I went back to Windows update, "Restored hidden updates" - which showed the
same message as before, then finally clicked on "Check for
updates".............The Windows update program searched and resulted in a
message of "Windows is up to date".
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Old 02-06-2009
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Sunderland
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I now have it up-to-date and windows has finally stopped telling me I need to update it.

How about just doing a windows restore prior to that date!!? That will of
course also delete any other software programs, etc. installed after that
date....however, it should work to restore the windows back to how it was at
that "restore point."

downloading RTL8168B from realtek.com worked for me too.
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Old 11-08-2009
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Re: realtek network realtek rtl8102/8103 family pci-e fe nic error

I just tried the fix also and it worked fine for me. Windows Update error
80070103 no longer exists because Windows Updates no longer shows a optional
driver for the NIC card.
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