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still cant install framework 3.5 sp1

Windows Update

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Old 19-02-2009
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still cant install framework 3.5 sp1

I still cant install windows update .net framework 3.5 service pack 1 with
..net framework 3.5 family update (kb943729)x86.

I have uninstalled previous frameworks, turned off antivirus and firewall
and even crossed my fingers and prayed. Its just not working. What the heck
is going on? Same results every time, error code 80073715.

Is their no solutions to this problem at this time?

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Old 19-02-2009
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I had the same problem. Did the same things. Finally called Microsoft and
after quite a lot of sleuthing we got the problem resolved. But we had to
remove items from the registry, some files, and directories, and unregister
earlier .net apps before they could reinstall .net 3.5, and then the service

They did this without charge because it started as an update issue. It took
awhile, but the result was great in the end.

This is essentially the process the Microsoft service technicians followed
to correct my issues. The one exception was that they started the reinstall
with .net 3.5. I asked about this and they assured me the various releases,
patches and service packs are cumulative. After all that was done they
reinstalled my SQL Express application which is running fine now. It depends
on .net I'm told. So far, everything seems to be running without issues
after the repair.

Other than that, JS provides some well researched and written information.
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Old 19-02-2009
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Re: still cant install framework 3.5 sp1

Start by downloading and running this tool:
Aaron Stebner's .NET Framework Cleanup Tool

"This .NET Framework cleanup tool is designed to automatically perform a set
of steps to remove selected versions of the .NET Framework from a computer.
It will remove files, directories, registry keys and values and Windows
Installer product registration information for the .NET Framework. The tool
is intended primarily to return your system to a known (relatively clean)
state in case you are encountering .NET Framework installation,
un-installation, repair or patching errors so that you can try to install

Prior to reinstalling any .NET Redistributable,
delete the following 3 folders/directories:
Note: These folders listed below are where the .NET files are/were installed
on your PC.
Also note that early versions of .NET may not install files in each of these
locations or the folders may not exist.
1) C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\
(delete the "Reference Assemblies" folder)
2) C:\WINDOWS\assembly
(delete the folder named "assembly")
3) C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework
(Delete any subfolders located in/beneath the "Framework" folder.)

Now reinstall each version of .NET as listed below:
NET Framework Redistributable 1.0
NET Framework Redistributable 1.0 SP1
NET Framework Redistributable 1.0 SP2
NET Framework Redistributable 1.0 SP3
NET Framework Redistributable 1.1
NET Framework Redistributable 1.1 SP1
NET Framework Redistributable 1.1 SP1 (Hotfix 886903)
NET Framework Redistributable 2.0
NET Framework Redistributable 2.0 SP1

Up to this point all versions of .NET have been installed
by downloading the full redistributable file to the
hard drive and then using the downloaded file to install
..NET or a service pack.

You should be aware that in some cases a much smaller file
is listed as the first option. . This smaller file is known as
a "bootstrapper" package. The link to download full redistributable
file is typically located near the bottom of the
NET Framework download page. You can find the links to
download each of the .NET versions mentioned above

Now continue by installing the following .NET versions:
NET Framework Redistributable 3.0
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Redistributable

Now see if you are able to install .Net 3.5 SP1
and the family updates.
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Old 19-02-2009
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Re: Still cant install framework 3.5 sp1

I saw the following article on the web site PAGE START at. I found I have the directories and registry key
described. Can they all be safely removed. I also have the hot fix
KB954550-v5 installed. Some research on that indicates that it has something
to do with some Microsoft XML Paper Specification (XPS) features not being
available in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows XP.


NET 3.5 SP1
The temporary folder name is a series of random letters and numbers but it
always has readily identifiable subfolders:

There are 7 files in each subfolder all having the same set of names but the
version numbers for the .dll file are not necessarily the same. At least
some of these files are associated with the XPS (XPSEPSC) drivers.

A search for these files in on the drive or partition where Windows is
installed shows that they are also found in the:
C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder or subfolders
C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache\i386 folder.

The creation dates match the time when .NET 3.5 SP1 was installed.
So the randomly named temporary folder can safely be deleted.

There is also a registry entry you can find if you enter the name of the
temporary file in the Regedit 'Find' field:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP4\KB954550-v5\Filelist

For some reason Microsoft has no documents that I could find for this KB
number and there is not much to find when searching the Internet either.
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Old 19-02-2009
Posts: n/a
The XML Paper Specification (XPS) is a requirement
when applying certain versions of .NET Service Packs/Updates
and as such you will end up with an error message
to that effect if it's not installed.

I did not delete the registry entry and suggest that it
be left as is since your .Net installation problems were
fixed as you indicated in your earlier post

I notice that the key contains references to the
temp directories and files you mention as well the Windows directories where
they were properly installed. I'll take your advice and not delete the key.
I take it you deleted the 'temporary (numbered) directory' some time ago
without any issues related to it since? It's in the root of my c: drive
right now.

If so, I will back it up and do the same.
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Old 13-04-2009
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Re: still cant install framework 3.5 sp1

I can't delete the three folders that are necessary to be deleted before reinstalling the net framework installations :( I tried administrator and taking ownership. What to do?
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Old 13-04-2009
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Re: still cant install framework 3.5 sp1

..NET Framework Setup Verification Tool User's Guide

Automated cleanup tool to remove
the .NET Framework 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5
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Old 13-04-2009
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 2
Re: still cant install framework 3.5 sp1

I was talking about these:
C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\

It says Permission is required and I tried taking ownership and running it as an administrator. Should I completely uninstall and reinstall everything on my computer? I am so lost and as a college freshman this is devestating!

It says I need permission. I deleted the Net Framework successfully. As soon as I turn my cpu on it still says Net Framework Initialization Error which says microsoft among other applications can't be loaded.

Thanks for responding by the way, I was being optimistic replying to the forum
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