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Thread: KB955706 and KB960089 Failed to install

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    Dennis TR Guest

    KB955706 and KB960089 Failed to install

    No matter how many times i try I can not get these updates to install. I
    always recieve error Code 64C.

    Need help to install these SQL server 2005 updates

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest
    Convert it to decimal and go and search some SQL forums and newsgroups.

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    brucedoggy Guest

    Re: KB955706 and KB960089 Failed to install

    I had same issue although the code was 2c24.
    Always wanted to install these.

    To fix, I opened services, and found SQLEXpress one was disabled.

    Set this to manual, then started the service.

    Tried upgrade again, worked this time, one at a time.

    Stopped service and set to disabled.

    Reset Vista, and did update, all up to date now.


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    Izzey22 Guest

    Re: KB955706 and KB960089 Failed to install

    I have had a similar problem for over a month with the KB955706. I could
    never get the install to take although it showed that I had installed it 5
    times on the my update history. I finally found out that I did not have the
    SQL Server itself installed and was not sure I even needed it. I did a manual
    install of the server and downloaded the update (KB955706) to my desktop and
    installed it from there and have not had the constant update reminder since.
    Still don't know if I will ever use the SQL Server, but got rid of the pesky

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest

    Re: KB955706 and KB960089 Failed to install

    I'm not sure how that would happen. ; )

    Thanks for the feedback. Often I suspect users have the opposite case:
    it's installed, they don't know why, they don't use it; so IMO they might as
    well uninstall it until they figure out why they would want it. <eg>

    Unfortunately, I noticed that a version of SQL seems to have been
    installed when I installed Windows Live Essentials so there may be
    even more people posting with such symptoms who do need it... ; }

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    Aaron Bertrand [SQL Server MVP] Guest

    Re: KB955706 and KB960089 Failed to install

    The Windows Internal Database feature also installs a really weird SQL
    Server instance -- it looks like Standard Edition, but there is no SQL
    Server Agent. The instance name has ## in it (I removed it from a machine
    at work the other day else I'd provide more specific details). I'm sure a
    lot of little apps out there ship with MSDE or Express and install it
    silently, so I'm sure there are a LOT of users out there that are unaware
    they have SQL installed.

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    eric Guest


    Take the database offline then install update.
    Also make sure to do thisoafter hours our warn employees that certain apps will not be available do to server maintenance.

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    eric Guest

    KB955706 and KB960089 Failed to install

    Take database offline that is associated with the update...then install.
    If using SQL 2005 be careful and make sure you have an up to date backup..sometimes the database might not come back

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    Sep 2010

    Re: KB955706 and KB960089 Failed to install

    For me, the services were set to Log on as Network Service. Changed this to Local System and checked "Allow service to interact with desktop". Also manually started all SQL Server instances (some of mine were set to start manually). Then downloaded the installer and installed manually. Thanks again for nothing, M$!

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